Top Things to Take (and Not Take!) Into the Theme Parks

Top Things to Take (and Not Take!) Into the Theme Parks
Make sure you don't forget any of these essential theme park necessities...

Do Take:

1. Water

Keeping hydrated is very important for all theme park trips as the climate can be very humid and not getting enough to drink can easily spoil your day. Bottled water prices within the parks can be extremely high, ranging from at least $2.50 to around $4 a bottle, so we recommend you take your own bottled waters. If possible, stick them in the freezer overnight to create a bottle of ice cold water all day.

2. Snacks

Food can also be considered quite expensive on counters inside the park so bring snacks into the park can help to save money. It also provides a tasty distraction while you’re queueing for the rides which helps to make the time go quicker!

3. Comfortable Clothing

Leave the heels and heavy jackets at home – a day at the theme parks calls for comfortable clothes and shoes which you can walk around all day in and won’t fall off on the rollercoasters! You are likely to spend up to 6 hours day or more wandering around the parks so it’s very important to avoid blisters or worse, a flip flop falling irretrievably into Splash Mountain.

4. Waterproof Poncho

Some people love the splash, some people hate it. If you’d rather not start the day off soggy, make sure to pack a cheap waterproof plastic poncho for the log flumes and keep nice and smug and dry throughout the day!

5. Sun Cream

Even though plenty of the parks are shaded and air conditioned, the heat can catch you out while you’re queuing or just simply enjoying an al fresco lunch, Make sure to pack some sun cream, preferably waterproof so it can stick I tout as long as you can on the water rides!

Don’t Take:

1. Selfie Sticks

Disney recently banned selfie sticks from all Disney Parks due to the health and safety risks to those on rides and those around them. Don’t worry though as all bookings for 2016 will receive a free My Memory Maker package of professionally taken photos of you and your family at the parks. Although selfie sticks aren’t currently banned at non-Disney parks, they are often not allowed on the rides so they may be better off left at home.

2. Disney Costumes

Dressing up is always best left to the professionals. Adult costumes are not allowed in the parks, although Disney inspired hairstyles and make up are, providing you’re not in full costume! Being dressed up could lead to you being turned away from the parks or, even worse, being mobbed by autograph hunters! Children are allowed to dress up like their favourite characters however.

3. Scooters, Skates and Skateboards

Although it would help with traversing the massive square footage of the Orlando parks, scooters, skates and skateboards are banned at Disney!