NEW Slide Coming to Aquatica Orlando

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NEW Slide Coming to Aquatica Orlando
Get ready to make a splash…
Challenge your friends in this exciting new water slide at Aquatica Orlando.

We’re so excited for all the new attractions coming to Florida in 2020 already, and recently announced is a brand new water slide at Aquatica Orlando

Riptide Race will open in the park next year, and will be the State’s first dueling racer, with visitors taking on opponents through high speed tunnels. 

Riders will slide side by side and face-to-face in racing lanes, which come from a 68-foot tower. Each lane can hold two riders in a raft, and will feature low walls and lots of tight loops. 

The attraction will have indoor and outdoor sections, and almost 650 feet of slide. It’s set to be located next to the park’s Banana Beach Cook Out. 

Speaking about the ride, David Heaton (Aqautica Orlando VP) said “Riptide Race will offer a ride experience you won’t be able to get anywhere else in Florida. 

“Aquatica will be the first water park in the state to have a thrilling, more importantly, dueling water slide,” he added. 

Sister parks SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay are also getting ready to welcome thrilling new attractions in 2020. “Ice Breaker” will storm in SeaWorld, while “Iron Gwazi” is an updated, futuristic version of the wooden coaster. Click here to read more about the upcoming attractions. 

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Aquatica® Tickets , Orlando