La Nouba Adds LIVE Trapeze Thrills!

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La Nouba Adds LIVE Trapeze Thrills!
By ATD’s Florida experts, Susan and Simon Veness
What are the odds of a trapeze artist successfully performing a Quadruple layout? Let’s just say if you laid money on it being a wildly optimistic long shot, you’d probably win. But this Thursday, Cirque du Soleil is going to attempt that very trick—and they’re pretty sure they’ll succeed.

Most live shows save the jaw-dropping tricks for their big finale, but on 31 March the trapeze artists of La Nouba at Disney Springs will stream LIVE with their biggest trick to date. A trick that has only been successful 20 times in 150 years.



Partnering with Experience Kissimmee via Facebook and Periscope, the live show will feature the enormously difficult stunt, and, as if that isn’t enough, the artists have added a second fiendishly difficult trick to their act, attempting a 2 ½ backward layout with a twist, with the added complexity of the flyer being caught by the legs rather than his hands, all in a few short seconds. Crazy, right? What kind of people do that sort of thing?



During a media sneak-peek this week, we found out exactly what kind of people, and they’re far from crazy. Instead, they’re a dedicated, driven team who treat each other like family and approach each successive show with the same passion they had for their first.



Trapeze coach Miguel Vargas, from Mexico, talked about the hoots and hollers we heard as the group practised the new tricks: “It will be something very special for everyone to be a part of. That’s the exciting thing because we come together as a group. When you see the hard work and what each person is trying to achieve, when they are successful, you will hear everyone get excited for them.” 

Victoria, a trapeze flyer from Guatemala, added: “It doesn’t matter how many times you do a trick, when somebody completes a difficult one everybody else gets excited. Some of them are so hard and you get so close in practice, and then it happens and we all cheer for them.”



Miguel, who will oversee the Quadruple layout attempt, commented on the chances of pulling off the two difficult tricks in the live Facebook streaming, insisted: “I’m optimistic but I’m also very realistic. Having said that, I’m very confident. I don’t think we would be doing all of this publicity if our chances weren’t that great. For it to come together, it’s going to be an amazing thing, and I think everyone feels confident that we’re going to do it.”

With the upbeat attitude the whole troupe displayed, we have no doubt they will succeed!



Are you brave enough to watch them go for it LIVE? Head over to Experience Kissimmee’s official Facebook page ( for the 6pm (11pm UK) live performance of La Nouba, or see the broadcast on Periscope. @Kissimmee will also provide updates on Twitter. Look for hashtag #CirqueLive on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

After our Q&A session, British stage manager Rob Pooley, La Nouba’s Head of Automation, led us on a back-stage tour into the dazzling high-tech world behind the lights. He was formerly with the Andrew Lloyd Webber stage company in London before joining Disney to help with the theatre construction on board their cruise ships and then switching to Cirque to oversee the technical side of the La Nouba show.



But rather than us just telling you about it, why not join us on Attraction Tickets Direct’s discussion forums for your own behind-the-scenes tour at La Nouba? From the control central to the 8th floor catwalk to the backstage area just steps from the main stage, come with us for a picture-heavy peek at a side of Cirque very few guests ever see!

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