Dinner Show with Adults in Mind!

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Dinner Show with Adults in Mind!
By Susan and Simon Veness...
Summer is in full swing in Orlando this week, and that means the parks, shops, and restaurants are full of families. What’s an adult to do if they would like evening entertainment that is geared toward them, but their holiday time occurs during peak season? We recently reviewed three dinner shows that fit the bill.

Wise-guys, listen up!

Long-running Capone’s Dinner Show has always been a bit wacky, with the premise that guests are entering Al Capone's speak-easy during prohibition. In honour of their 20th anniversary, the show has been “freshened up” with a new storyline in which ditzy Bunny-June and her hoodlum hubby Fingers Salvatorio are coming to grips with being new parents; Miss Jewel, hostess at the speak-easy, finds herself falling for a bumbling police officer; and the dancing girls just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Dinner, which includes unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks, is an Italian-American style buffet with a carving station. In past years, this was Capone’s weakest point, but the quality of offerings has increased substantially and the food is now tasty as well as plentiful.

There is even a ‘gangster shoot-out’ at the end of the show, but no guests are harmed in the process. In fact, let’s just say prizes are involved. You will find a few children here, but in far fewer numbers than the area’s family-orientated dinner shows. There is a liberal sprinkling of double entendres, but it’s fairly tame by today’s standards.


Put on your best Sherlock Holmes hat. There’s a murder to be solved!

No matter how many times we visit Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Theater we come away saying, “That was a great show!” Each of the 13 shows in Sleuth’s line-up  involves a murder, a cast of characters who each have a motive for the murder, and a room full of ‘guests’ (you) who are tasked with solving the crime. 

From the moment the characters appear, guests need to pay attention. Every action, every veiled revelation, every offhand comment could contain a clue, and it’s often the subtle things that speak the loudest. As the story unfolds, a murder occurs (always offstage), and the characters begin implicating each other and revealing their own weaknesses. When the clues are all given, guests enjoy their dinners while discussing their theories of whodunit with their tablemates.

Each table must choose a question to help them in their deliberations, and when all of the questions have been asked, each guest then decides who they believe did it, and with what weapon. We won’t give away the end of the show, but let’s just say there’s a prize involved.

Hint: The killer can lie, so be careful who you address your question to. Oh…and don’t ask “Did you do it?” (refer to “the killer can lie” comment).

 Another nod in the direction of adult tastes is the food, which is exceptional by dinner show standards. Guests have a choice of Cornish hen, prime rib or four-cheese lasagna with or without meatballs. Each comes with appropriate side dishes, and all meals include rolls, a salad and dessert. We can vouch for all three main courses, but we had lasagna during our last visit and gave it high marks for its home-cooked freshness. Unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks are also included.

Children are not excluded from the show, but very few will attend. There is an element of the risqué, subtle enough that it will go over the heads of most 12 year olds, but nothing that could be considered offensive by the average adult.

. .

It’s “Fabulous Las Vegas” right here in Orlando!

Join Joey Bishop, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, and Dean Martin at [B]The Rat Pack and Friends Tribute Dinner Show[/B], located on Highway 192 across from Old Town, where it is raucous Las Vegas show-lounge fun every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. But the impersonations don’t stop with the famous Rat Pack, who played the Sands Hotel’s Copa Room in the early 1960s; Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Adele and other pop singers join them on stage for 90 minutes of fabulous entertainment.

The dinner show takes place on the first floor of Pacino’s Italian restaurant, and the food is prepared in Pacino’s kitchen, so you know it’s going to be good. Children are welcome, but the musical genre doesn’t hold a great deal of appeal to youngsters, hence there was only one child present during our recent visit. Limited cash bar available during the live-music pre-show; beer and wine included with dinner.

Adult entertainment in Orlando doesn’t have to be bars and nightclubs (though they are available too) and dinner shows don’t have to include pirates or horses. Each time we review the more sophisticated offerings we’re reminded how much choice there really is here, with guests of all ages in mind.


Restaurant Recommendation:

 If you’ve been, you already know why we’re recommending Rocco’s Tacos as a must-try dining experience. If not, you’ll just have to trust us and add it to your list. Located on Sand Lake Road (locally known as Restaurant Row), Rocco’s Tacos has a casual elegance befitting of a place that makes its guacamole tableside, chopping fresh avocado right in front of you. Open for lunch and dinner, it’s the go-to choice when the locals want to meet with friends or impress business associates with their good taste in Mexican cuisine. Best part for the ladies? Rocco’s has a terrific selection of ‘small plates’. Best part for the men? 157 kinds of tequila. Need we say more?


Our Favourite Quote of the Week:

 Settled in for Impressions de France, one of our favourite shows at Epcot, we overheard a little girl’s voice pipe up and say, “Mom, is this another show with robot people?”

If you'd like to explore Florida's dinner show, Attraction Tickets Direct offers Sleuth's Mistery Dinner and The Rat Pack and Friends Dinner Show tickets for you to book before you embark on your travels.

Dinner Shows

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