Tangled Star Mandy Moore Hangs Out at Disneyland!

Disneyland , Disney Films , Celebrity Appearance
Tangled Star Mandy Moore Hangs Out at Disneyland!
Mandy Moore takes a visit to Fantasyland!
Mandy Moore, the voice of Rapunzel from the animated Disney film Tangled, stops by Fantasyland to say ‘hi’ to the park’s very own Princess Rap!

Mandy Moore and Princess Rapunzel at DisneylandThose of you that visited Disneyland California with your Disneyland tickets may have been fortunate enough to have made a celebrity spotting, as Mandy Moore enjoyed a day at the park. On her visit she made sure to explore Disneyland’s spectacular new themed area Cars Land and admire all of the Halloween Time embellishments currently at the park. Of course, being the voice of Tangled and Tangled Ever After’s Rapunzel, Mandy couldn’t leave the park without stopping by Fantasyland to say hello to a character she is indeed very familiar with!

If you’re California bound this winter get your Disneyland tickets, immerse yourself in Disney Pixar’s Cars Land and enjoy the Halloween festivities at the park’s Halloween Time celebration!
Disneyland , Disney Films , Celebrity Appearance

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