Hi I hope someone can help me.

From the age of 15 until I was 26 I was a heroin addict and therefore have numerous convictions for theft and 2 possession of drug charges, none of which I served time in prison for. My last offence was over 5 years ago and I now work for the local council in a management role and have completely turned my life around.

My Dad lives in USA (he is married to an American woman) and I want to visit him desperately. I have visited previously using the Visa waiver route, but my husband and 3 young children will be with me this time and so I really can't risk being turned away at immigration. Does anyone know what my chances are off obtaining a visa with previous drug convictions? I'm petrified that if I apply and then get declined a visa then if, god forbid, anything happens in the future to my Dad that I will be bannned from USA for 10 years. Plus as I used the visa waiver scheme before it will count against me. Please can others let me know of their experiences.