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Topic: Vwp/b2

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    I have a conviction for assault ( which was a backhanded slap. ) happened around 3 years ago to the month. However I was reading a crime involving moral turpitude doesn't allow you to travel under the VWA, I also read something saying: Assault (simple) (i.e., any assault, which does not require an evil intent or depraved motive, although it may involve the use of a weapon, which is neither dangerous nor deadly) does not involve Moral Turpitude.

    My crime had neither a motive or had evil intent nor a weapon.

    Does this allow me to travel under the VWP or do I need apply for a B2? And what are the actuall chances of me receiving one?

    Thank you in advance, Mark.

    PS I am 26 from the UK

    This is my only conviction also.

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    Hello Mark,

    ATD forum rules do not allow us to discuss whether or not you need a visa. Please disregard any advise given here as it is not accurate to your case. Only the embassy can tell you if you need a visa or not.

    My apologies, but I have to close the thread.

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