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Topic: ESTA price

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    Must admit Passports seem to arrive back very quickly these days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wardreefa View Post
    Ok i applied this morning and all accepted with no probs so now to look at booking the holiday what a nightmare this will be.
    May have missed a post, but what are your objectives in terms of where to stay (onsite, villa, I-Drive etc), will you drive, parks to be visited. If you get these clear in your mind it will probably help distill out the basis of your plan.
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    Default where to stay

    To be honest still unsure where to stay but we do know what we are looking for and the parks we want to visit.

    We would like for accommadation to have kitchen so a condo or suite and also for the resort to have a bar and maybe resturant or entertainment but that would be a bonus.
    We would also like to have a car as i feel this would be a safty net to get around and not rely on transportation.
    The parks we are looking to visit are universal studios and island of adventure , seaworld , bush garden , aquatica water park
    The last time we went we did Disney parks and we had a flexi ticket but to try and fit this all in 14 days is hard work and we would like a few days to just chill or maybe look around.
    Iam still open to advice as where we should go but the Lake Buena Vista Village & Spa looks fairly nice and ticks most boxes for us but a few mixed reviews has made me re-think.

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