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Topic: Continental

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    Yes you sometimes get the Virgin flight but cheaper if booked via Cont.

    Still seems odd to bump you via Newark when plenty other options?

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    Default Continental

    Quote Originally Posted by Catlady View Post
    Hiya and welcome to the forum skeates. Have never flown indirect so can't help with the question. Can I ask did you book through Thos Cook? Reason being that my friends sister and her family were booked with Thos Cook to fly with Virgin in April but got bumped and are now flying indirect too.
    We booked through Travel City Direct in March 2010 and in August they ran us out of the blue and told us!

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    Oh well bit more notice than friends sister, they are going 9th April and got told two weeks ago!:eek:

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    Virgin and Continental do indeed code share.

    I'm flying with them at the weekend to Texas and then onto our office in LA the weekend after. Used them in the past without any problems. They have seat back TV's that are free on the transatlantic flight, but you'll have to pay if you want to use them on the internal flight.

    You will need to collect your luggage in Newark and clear customs and immigration there. There will be a connecting flights desk / luggage drop straight after the customs area to get rid of your bags again.
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