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Topic: Ask Disney

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    Default Is it cheaper to buy in the UK

    We will be staying in a Disney Resort in May and we require 3 (14 day passes)
    Is it cheaper to buy in the UK or in the resort,and how much in $ are they in the resort

    Derek Lawson

    Dear Derek,

    Disney's Ultimate Ticket valid for 14 days is ONLY available to buy in the UK - you can't buy it once you get there so make sure you arrange to purchase them in the UK before you travel.

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    Default new parks or rides in the near future

    Weve been to Disney every year since 1996. We were wondering if there are any plans for new parks or rides in the near future. We going this year on 6 September for 3 weeks and staying at The Port Orleans. Hoping there wont be any hurricanes this year !!


    Hi Hilda,

    We've got 4 new attractions opening at Walt Disney World this year. At Magic Kingdom we've got Cinderellabration, at Epcot we've got Soarin, at Disney-MGM Studios, we'll have the Motor Action Stunt show and at Disney's Animal Kingdom, you'll get to meet Lucky the Dinosaur.

    If you've got kids who like Finding Nemo, I recommend going to see the new Turtle Talk with Crush at Epcot too - it's fantastic!

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    Default Re-issuing lost tickets

    hi jeff we have ordered 4 21 ultimate tickets for oct
    05 with so much value of tickets on our person everyday if we lose one can it be cancelled and reissued also is there not a parking pass that we can buy in advance to cover all our parking needs whilst on holiday

    thanks the walters family.

    Dear The Walters family,

    When you buy a ticket, it's just like cash - you need to make sure you keep it in a safe place. Damaged tickets can be re-issued at guest services and we would recommend you take a photocopy of the back of them if you're worried but I can't garauntee they'll be replaced.

    We don't currently offer a multi-day parking permit pass - sorry.

    Dont worry, I'm sure you'll have an amazing holiday!

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    Default new premium tickets

    I have just bought some of the new premium tickets for my next trip to Florida but our friends we normally travel with have the old tickets (hoppers). Will we be able to come and go from the parks at the same times and do the same stuff, or might we have to split up because our tickets wont let us do the same thing?

    Do any of the tickets let me carry days over for my next trip?

    Mrs Heaney

    Your new Premium tickets will allow you to visit all the theme parks and water parks, as well as Downtown Disney Pleasure Island. It depends on which Hopper tickets your friends have as to wether they'll be able to join you at the water parks or not. You should all be able to visit the four main theme parks as you please.

    The new Premium tickets are valid for a 14 day period after the first day of use.

    Have fun

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    Default Must Do

    Is there anything that you recommend we MUST do when we visit Disney this summer what is your favourite ride?


    Hi Sarah,

    My must-do ride is currently only available at Disney's California Adventure in LA, but I've got good news for you - As of May this year, Soarin Over California (my favourite ride) will be opening at Epcot at Walt Disney World! You have to go and see it whilst you are there.

    Earlier I talked about the firework shows which are also a must-see!

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do...

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    Default Young kids

    Which is the best park for young kids (they are 6 and 8), I dont want them to be too exhausted or overwhelmed as we are there for 2 weeks and Im worried about things being a bit too frantic.

    Mr S Patel

    There are 2 things I'd recommend that you do...Firstly, stay onsite at Walt Disney World as it will be easy for you to go to and from the hotel as you please to take a break or chill out by the pool for a bit.

    Also, get the new Ultimate Tickets only available in the UK as you can come and go as often as you like from the theme parks, water parks and Downtown Disney.

    I think for your young kids, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom will have the most for you to do.

    They'll love it!

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    Default Meeting Mickey

    We desperately want to meet mickey when we are at Disneyworld so whats the best way to make sure we dont miss out?


    Hi Tina,

    There are lots of ways you can get to meet Mickey Mouse but he's a very busy guy and is always out and about. There are 2 ways I'd recommed you go about it. Firstly, make sure you visit Mickey's House in Toon Town at the Magic Kingdom where you can meet him. Also why not book a character breakfast where you could meet him over eggs and bacon!

    Have fun!

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    Default Bad Weather

    i know that disney has not yet managed to control the weather yet, but could you tell me how many times last hurricane season in florida did you have to close the park because of the weather.

    wendy from hatfield

    Hi Wendy,

    From memory, I can think we only closed for one day last autumn due to bad hurricane weather. Prior to that we closed for one day about 5 years ago, again due to bad weather. Based on this we have a pretty good track record so fingers crossed you shouldn't be too affected during your trip.

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    Default Thank you!

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks very much for your time this evening.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this chat and all of your great questions. I hope everyone enjoys their trips to Walt Disney World.


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