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Topic: Ask Disney

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    Arrow Ask Disney

    Confused by the new Disney tickets for 2005? Attraction Tickets Direct is exclusively offering the chance for Florida enthusiasts to ASK DISNEY directly and talk to the Walt Disney World Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jeff James – the head honcho for Disney in Europe - via a live webchat here on Thursday 20th January from 6pm - 7pm.

    Jeff James will reply to questions and comments posted on the forum about Disney. This is your chance to find out which rides are the best according to a Walt Disney World expert, what Disney has in store for the 50th birthday celebrations in May 2005, details on any new rides planned, or simply why the new tickets have been introduced.

    You can post questions NOW for Disney to answer by emailing with ‘ASK DISNEY’ as the title of your email (please also include your name and town). Questions will be posted here for Jeff to answer, so make sure you come back and see the responses. We promise that all questions will be answered.


    Welcome to the Ask Disney chat on the Attraction Tickets Direct Florida Forum – thanks very much for joining us this evening and asking all these great questions. A special hello to readers of The Sun who we know are big Florida and Disney fans. I’ll answer as many of these as I can now, and when we run out of time, I promise to send a personal response.

    Wishing you all happy Florida holidays and we hope to see you at Walt Disney World soon!


    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks very much for your time this evening.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this chat and all of your great questions. I hope everyone enjoys their trips to Walt Disney World.

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    Default soarin over california


    We are on holiday in orlando for 3 weeks up to 7th may 2005.
    Do you know if we will be in time for the opening of
    soarin over california, Light motor stunt show, cinderellabration, new attractions.
    Most web sites all say different. rumours are opening in may 2005.
    Can you shed any more info on this.


    Hi Darren

    The official start of the Happiest Celebration on Earth is 5th May 2005. We anticipate Soarin will be open for you ride from then.

    Hope you enojoy it! It's my favourite ride!


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    Default 50th birthday Celebrations


    For the 50th birthday will there be something extra special arranged for Halloween, my favourite holiday time, as well?

    Martin Richmond

    Hi. Planned visit to Florida end Nov 2005, what special celebrations are being planned for xmas on this 50th year?
    If any special events do they need seperate tickets?

    Rebecca Whiting

    Both Christmas and Halloween are great times at Walt Disney World. At Halloween we've got Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom and at Christmas we'll have Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party also at Magic Kingdom. Both are great events and you'll need seperate tickets for them which you can buy when you get there

    Have a great time when you get there!


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    Default car parking

    Hi Jeff

    I've heard that upon visiting each of your parks we have to pay to park our car, is this true? If so, do you really think this is fair if we are paying to enter the park surely it is Disney's responsibility to provide us with a safe place to park our cars?

    Many thanks

    Julie - uk, visiting Apr 05.

    Walt Disney World charges $8.00 per car per day to park at any of the four main theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney-MGM studios) whilst parking at the water parks and Downtown Disney is free. Plus, once you are in one Park you get full FREE use of the Disney transportation system between Parks - there's no need to worry about your car for the rest of the day.

    If you're staying at one of the Disney Hotels, why not use the free Disney busses to get to the parks. If not, many of the Orlando hotels also offer their own transfers.

    You'll have a great time!

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    Default WDW hopper tickets

    I have some WDW hopper tickets left over from previous visits and some tickets have 2 days and some 1, how can I find out how long is left on each ticket please...

    Rob Hurley

    That's really easy - just take them to any of the main entrance gates of the four Disney theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios or Disney's Animal Kingdom) and they will be to tell you how many days each have left.

    Hope you guys have a great trip!

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    Default DisneyQuest

    We are coming to Florida on 30th April, and are planning on getting the 7 day Magic Your Way tickets.
    But I'm a little confused. On some web sites its says that DisneyQuest is not part of the extra day options for this ticket, and on some it does.
    Could you please help?
    Thank You!

    That's easy - if you buy Disney's Premium ticket valid for 7 days in the UK before you travel, it will include entrance to DisneyQuest at Downtown Disney.


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    Default certain park opening hours

    A group of us have booked into the Disney Port Orleans Riverside for the end of August 05, we are currently looking at purchasing our Disney Attraction tickets and wanted to check if the new Disney Ultimate Ticket (14 days) allows for early entrance to a certain Disney Park on certain days as we are staying in a Disney Hotel?

    I have also read that as with early entrance to certain parks on certain days Disney are also extending certain park opening hours for Disney Hotel guests by 3 hours, is this the case and will this new ticket also be able to be used for this?

    In total we have booked 4 rooms at the Disney Port Orleans Riverside as 3 separate bookings, having read-up on this hotel it appears to be rather large, is there anyway of arranging for the rooms to be in a close vacinity to each other when we arrive for our stay?

    Ray Tilley

    Hi Ray,

    It's actually not the ticket that allows you early entrance to the theme parks... it's the fact that you are staying at a Disney hotel. By staying at Port Orleans, you will be able to get into one of the main theme parks each day one hour early than other guests. From 2 Jan 05 we've also started evening extra magic hours for Disney's Resort Hotel guests to spend extra time in the parks in the evening. When you arrive, simply show your room key and park ticket to the cast member at the gates and they'll give you a special wristband allowing you to stay later.

    Talk to the Tour Operater you booked your holiday with about the rooms. They can put a note on your booking asking them to be close together. You can also request this a Port Orleans when you check in but I'm afraid we can't guarantee it.

    Hope you manage to get all those extra hours in during your holiday!

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    Default Magic Kingdom/ Spectro Magic

    PLEASE PLEASE, could disney find a way of organizing crowds for the spectro magic parade. I took my children on their "Trip of a lifetime" last year, it cost thousands of pounds and was wonderful, but this one event reduced me to tears. We waited for hours and were pushed and shoved, both my children were in tears. Some adults were so ignorant they trod on my children who were sitting on the floor. We had a wonderful holiday, but when we look back this one memory spoils it all. Would it not be possible to organise it in the same sort of way as fantasmic. I know it is a different parade but it is so unbearable there must be something you can do. I do plan to return to Orlando, possibly this year, because the trip was so magical. However, when deciding which parks to visit my children said, we don't want to see the spectro magic again, the people were too squashed and nasty. PLEASE TRY AND DO SOMETHING. THIS IS A WONDERFUL PARADE SPOILED BY THE CROWDS.

    I'm disappointed to hear this experience was difficult for you. I'm not sure where you stood to watch the parade but my suggestion would be next time to avoid Main street USA. The Spectro Magic Parade actually starts in Fantasy Land and the crowds are always much less as everbody wants to watch it on Main Street. I hope you can persuade your kids to watch it again next year.

    I hope to see you at Disney soon,

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    Default 50th birthday Celebrations - MAY 2005

    My family will be visiting Disneyworld in the last week of May, can you tell me if there will be any special events going on at that time?

    We shall be visiting Disneyworld in Florida at the end of May this year, please can you tell us what special events will be going on then.
    Thank you from the Milxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx dddddddddddddddddd
    I am visiting Disney in May this year. What special events are happening for the 50th anniversary and what should I not miss.

    thank you
    D Gallacher

    This year, 5th May 2005 is the start of our Happiest Celebration on Earth which will go on for 18 months. It's particularly exciting at Walt Disney World as we are opening a new ride or attraction in each of the four theme parks to celebrate! During your trip there will be loads of things going on for you to see and do and I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time.
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    Default The All Star Music Resort

    Hi Jeff

    I have got 4 kids from 3 to 12 years old and we’re staying at The All Star Music Resort for 3 weeks in July. What would you recommend that we definitely do at the Disney parks and which tickets should we buy as we’re on a budget

    The Bryans


    Dear The Bryan Family,

    If you're staying with us for 3 weeks I defintely recommend you get the Ultimate Ticket valid for 21 days for all of you. It gives you unlimted access to all the theme parks and water parks at Walt Disney World and you can come and go as you please. But make sure you buy it in the UK before you travel as it's only available here - you can't buy it once you get there.

    I'd make sure you spend one day at one of the water parks - I have 3 kids and mine all love the water parks.

    The fireworks and Magic Kingdom and Epcot are also awesome!

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