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Topic: bit the bullet - and booked ELR seats

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    Default bit the bullet - and booked ELR seats

    I have been blithely assuming my flights would be quiet next year and that we'd be able to spread ourselves out a bit. However, I have just made enquiries of an insider on the Dibb who said that both flights are actually pretty full.

    So, I rang Virgin yesterday afternoon just to get confirmation from the horse's mouth, as it were, and she said yes - totally unexpectedly (especially after this year's low bookings), next February is really busy.

    So, rather than risk being squashed into awful seats behind flight-long recliners, I booked the extra legroom seats for both flights.

    Obviously, I don't know where we'll be sitting: if it's a 'newer' 747 it'll be in the small fore-cabin, but if it's an older one (ie without the separate games consoles), it'll be somewhere in the middle as the fore-cabin on that configuration only has 3 rows in it, one of which is the bulkhead row. She's put our preference as the fore-cabin, if it's available.

    Coming back will be interesting, though, because there are 3 of us and the seats are 2 4 2. If only the pairs of seats by the windows are ELR, then we'll be opposite sides of the plane! If, however, they have some in the central block, then we could well find ourselves with 4 seats between the 3 of us.

    It's just a case of playing the waiting game now, as we won't find out until OLCI or even the morning itself at the airport.
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    A good decision I think, if you are anything like me you will definitely get the serial recliner in front making the journey unpleasant.

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    Have to think that it is worth the extra; I know I'm getting on a bit (!) but that extra bit of comfort is worth a lot to me and, if it doesn't bust the budget, is always a good idea.

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