We just had dinner at Elephant Bar over by Mall at Millenia and thought it might be good to start a sticky-thread for people to post the great dining deals they've found.

Elephant Bar has Happy Hour in the bar area from 3pm until closing every day of the week, and all day on Sundays during U.S. football season (September through the end of January). They offer Happy Hour drink specials and dining specials, but they have two Combos that are well worth seeking out.

For $6.95 they offer:

1/2 pound burger with fries and a domestic beer (Imported beer for $1 more)


Korean beef tacos with spicy chipotle dip, salad, and domestic beer or a margarita.

We had the tacos, which were 3 small corn tortilla tacos filled with succulent beef, avocado, cabbage, carrot, cilantro, and sour cream. While they were small, I could easily have stopped at two and Simon was perfectly satisfied with three. They were beautifully presented, fresh, and had tons of flavor. Our salads were about 3 times the size you see in this picture:

We'll try the burger next time, but at half a pound I think it'll be just a bit too big. Still, our bill came to $20 and change, and that's with a tip.

What terrific dining deals have you come across? Post them as you find them!