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Topic: AA flight home

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    Interesting to read your AA story. Went into work today and one of my colleagues was fuming about AA. He was taking plane back to UK from NY. (Only realised too late it was a code share). The plane was ready to go. Door closed and staff were sitting down. Then their was a knock on the window. Then another knock. Crew open door and find out they are one pilot short. Honest! So they wait. Then they all get told that AA don't have a pilot so they need to get off. Wait around and flight cancelled. Almost no help. Eventually flight re sheduled but people stuck with kids, transfers etc etc and one AA member of staff who kept running away. New flight again was an old plane, no TVs etc etc.

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    something very similar happened last week but the hold up this time was the ipad that AA crew use for flight plans/plogs/way points etc had crashed. The spare was in the crew room which was landside apparently. By the time it had been found, loaded, collected and pilot had got back through security they were going to be out of flying hours towards the end of the flight so AA cancelled the flight. Crazy. Again, stories of little to no help for stranded pax.

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