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Topic: delta airlines

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    Default delta airlines

    hi again, quick question about delta and there seating options.
    we are flying home from mco to uk via jfk, both flights are delta.
    the flight from jfk to Manchester uk shows me an option to book delta comfort seats.
    at £75 each seem a little expensive for extra leg room, it appears theres better entertainment screen and better food and drink.
    has anyone experienced the delta comfort seating arrangement?

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    No experince and views seem to be mixed from nice to not worth it etc. I do notice a few saying don't pick the exit row ones as arm rest is fixed. Sears are the same it's a little more legroom.
    Found this recentish review with some photos that might help

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    Cannot say, but we have always found Delta's economy to be fine

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    thanks for the replys, myself 6ft3, my son 6ft2, daughter 6ft. so probably just pay up and see . just another expence i hadnt bugdeted for . lol
    booked flights cheap, then virgin wanted £25 to book and select economy seats or £40 for extra leg room(another£200 for 5 of us) from man to mco
    didnt have that last time we went, only paid extra for extra legroom seats.
    the joys of being tall
    got spoilt in 2011 with free upgrade to premium economy for the 5 of us.

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    We just flew Delta two days ago and all seats on this particular plane had seat-back entertainment. We did get bumped to the exit rows and the extra leg room was terrific. A LOT of room. I don't know what kind of plane you would be on, but our experience was very good. I'm not sure we'd pay $75 each for it, but the extra leg room was definitely a bonus.

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