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Topic: New From Give Kids The World

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    Hi Catlady, Susan and Simon

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Yes of course it would be fine to alert GKTW to my post, we did email them last year, but anything we can do from afar to promote this wonderful place is the very least we can do.

    We in actual fact have recently heard some great news that a family we recommended to Starlight have had their wis granted and guess where they want to go! Yep GKTW!

    We are coming back in August next year for our 2018 vacation, booked it yesterday and as Elliot is now alumni we intend to pay a visit and hopefully volounteer for the day, it would be such an honour.

    Thanks again, will probably be asking more questions about MLS soccer and Manatees! Lol

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    Tremendous to hear happychappy1, so very glad you had a great time and that your son is in remission.

    My DW and I have supported GKTW in a number of ways (Dolphingirl did a sponsored rideathon a whole back) over the years since we first came aware of them, probably 20 years ago. We make an annual trip to Perkins Restaurants when we are in Florida as they collect money for GKTW.

    My son regularly attended Hope House and his career took another youngster from HH to GKTW in 2002 (I think it was) and from what he told us we were amazed. Susan and Simon have posted about GKTW in the past.
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    Really nice to hear a first hand experience of this wonderful place. Thank you so much for taking the time to post.

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    Perkins has always been one of our favourite resturant's, so it was a pleasant surprise to see them both donating food AND sending staff to cook it at GKTW!

    The ice cream bar is supplied by a local company that has a few shops around Orlando, their name escapes me at the moment but they were on our hit list last year and will be again next year, their ice cream is the tops.

    Back here in the U.K. Both myself and wife help out where we can at a children's cancer charity called Teens Unite, again a worthy cause that really is such a pleasure to be part of, it's so nice putting a little back in.

    A worthwhile read is the life story of the chap who started GKTW, Mr Henri Landwirth. He was a hotelier that was part of a group who housed "wish" children and heard of a girl who was due to come to Florida for a "wish" but unfortunately after there not being space for her never made it due to her passing. He vowed this should never happen again and so embarked on a journey that culminated in GKTW.

    His book is called Gift Of Life and is a really good read, he was in actual fact a concentration camp survivor from Auschwitz, unfortunately his parents were not so lucky. He stepped down from his senior position at GKTW only recently but apparently is still a frequent visitor there, if I were only half the man he is.

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    We have a copy of Gift of Life for anyone who would like to borrow it. What he did was, and is, simply incredible.

    Tiggers Friend, I know your lad would be a big supporter of the likes of GKTW. They do incredible work, with such a sense of happiness.

    happychappy1, if you do decide to spend at day volunteering at GKTW you'll be in very good company. Many local organizations, including Disney, have dedicated people who are there every week helping make the Village the wonderful place it is.

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