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Topic: Calgary - BA WT+ / CW December 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmrevis View Post
    Thanks for the input Ret.
    I think we'll hit the Gold Amex hard and see how many Avios I can build up. If we can hit enough to get one leg in CW I'll do it.
    Will call BA and explain we want to add a return when we book outbound and good tip on the US call center.
    Have you thought of the Platinum plus BA one. It cost 150 or do per year but after a 10k spend you get a companion voucher that last for two years. Means you get a shed load of miles using it and then only need half the miles. It's partly how we ended up with 3 First class returns to US (only had to get miles for two people rather than three)

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    I have looked at it many time but due to our location we struggle to put more than 4k a year through Amex retailers even with online shopping. Up here only Tesco and Boots take it and our Tesco doesn't even have a petrol station to boost spending there. It therefore isnt worth the fee.

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