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Topic: Different surnames

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    Hi and a warm welcome from me

    Back in the day, we used to travel with 5 children. Three (stepchildren) had my husbands name, and obviously now my surname, and my two their dads surname.
    We carried a letter from my stepchildrens mum, but nothing from my two's dad.
    One year on arrival the kids were questioned on who was who out of our group, and when we went to answer, we were politely told "I was asking the children" but all was okay and we were soon on our way.
    Another time we had our granddaughter with us, and we were questioned on returning by British Immigration, but we had signed letters of authority from her parents

    So my advice is to get a letter of authority [you can print a mastercopy of the net] off you boys father, carry your relevent info and you will be fine to have a fabulous trip

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    I think what you need has been covered but just to say welcome and please ask away.

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