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Topic: Villa Communities Advice

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    thank you to you all for the advice. I had a very lazy day yesterday watching football and snooker and searching properties. we have narrowed it down to 2 choices - one on Windsor Hills that I managed to find and one on Windsor Palms. Just waiting for the other family to let me know which to go for.

    Just another quick question we have previously booked villas direct with the owner but this time we are going through a website - likely either Home Away or Air b&b and I just wondered what protection you get if the owner cancels as we can't seem to find that anywhere. Does anyone know?

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    Your payments are certainly covered by HomeAway (and with them you can pay by Credit Card). If the owner cancels your booking I don't think you have much recourse, other than the return of your deposit.

    But in the unlikely event of that happening you would be able to find an alternative as there is just so much rental property, although I realise it would be a huge disappointment.

    Personally I try to hire from UK based owners and have an email or telephone communication before booking. I also check that they are the owners, the local property tax is paid and if possible where they live in the UK and check that out.
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