Firstly sorry if all of these questions are covered in other posts. I'm hoping that as you all enjoy going to Orlando you're a kindly, fun bunch who won't grumble at me too much.
We're planning out first family trip to Orlando - 21 days across July and August - and I'd love help with a few queries.
1) we're thinking of doing a two centre thing - most days in Orlando with a few days in St Petes or Clearwater at the end - how do people usually break up a 21 day trip in terms of number of days in Orlando and number of days by the beach - 17 and 4 or 18 and 3? We're flying in and out of Tampa.
2) which is better for a few days relaxing, St Petes or Clearwater? Nicer beach? Places to visit? Shops?
3) what are your recommendations re tickets? We're thinking Disney and Universal only (not keen on Seaworld these days). I'm thinking that the Disney and Universal Combo ticket is the way forward but my worry is how to get the best value out of them before we move to the coast. Do most people just do each Disney Park a couple of times before moving on to Universal or do you chop and change between the two? I know that as soon as you start using the Disney ticket then your 14 day usage starts ticking by
Many thanks,