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Topic: Accommodation with breakfast in Clearwater/ St Petes

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    Default Accommodation with breakfast in Clearwater/ St Petes

    Hi all,
    Does anyone have any recommendations for small/ lowrise beachfront hotels/ B&Bs with a pool that provide breakfast in St Petes/ Clearwater?

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    I would have but sadly the view is a lot less since they built a bloody great hotel in front of it

    Whenever we stay in Clearwater we always stay at Pier House 60, it's a lovely lovely hotel with a roof top bar and you get a free breakfast (it's probably not free, just included in the price). It's right near the beach and Pier 60 with all the evening entertainment and those amazing sunsets but now you have to watch the sunset from the pier. You can often find it cheaper on or through Trivago. It's probably not what your looking for as the pool is quite small and it isn't the cheapest but we love it there despite the rubbish view now.

    You may be better off just doing a search and checking the reviews.

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    We loved pier house 60 too but for us watching the sunset from the roof bar was a big draw, so sad that they stuck a blummin building in the way .... the breakfast was nice but I'm not sure I'd pay the rates we did now that the view has gone

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