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Topic: Kefalonia Advice

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    We have many years ago been to Kefalonia twice when the children were very young and we have decided we would love to go again to celebrate my husbands early retirement in 2018, there would be 6 adults and 1 child (Granddaughter). We prefer Lassi and self catering (studios) rather than a hotel and we would appreciate any help and advice on the best time to go, we are able to go outside of school holidays and we have been pricing up for May 2018 and then I looked at the temperatures and I am now a little concerned that it will be a little too cool therefore I have looked at June but the prices do jump up by quite a bit, I would appreciate any advice as I have noticed that there are quite a few members on here that have had many holidays in Kefalonia.
    Please HELP!

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    Hi we have visited Kefalonia a number of times we just got back Sunday temperatures and weather in May can be hit and miss we had some rain one day but otherwise temperatures around 26 the evening temperatures drop so may need a cardigan if you like swimming the sea is still pretty cold and pools refreshing. By June weather is much better less chance of rain and evening is warmer July and august get very hot . We have stayed late September and the weather was beautiful but we had a friend that was there last September and weather was awful but it was a freak occasion as usually very good
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    Thank you, that is really helpful, we have only been in August (twice) and it was a scorching 40 degrees! This would be far too hot for our 3 year old Granddaughter and we prefer to avoid the school holidays that is why we are looking at May/June, we will not be swimming in the sea therefore we are not too concerned about sea temperatures we would like to be able to use the pool and sunbathe! And I don't mind having to wear a cardigan of an evening. Overalll we are leaning slightly towards June but the price does increase by about 400pp and that is avoiding the spring half term. I think I need to shop around and see if I can get a better price for the Enalion Suites in Lassi, changing the accommodation could make a good saving but we do like a look of them.

    Thanks once again

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    I would echo what the Palmer Gang has said regarding the weather, but have happily had two holidays over the half term in May.
    We found that by flying out the Tuesday [the day Thomsons fly from Luton] we avoided the big price hike for the school holidays and by the second week we didn't need cardigans in the evening

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