Latest press release from Greater Orlando Aviation Authority:

Beginning Saturday, July 1, 2017, Transportation Network Companies (TNC) will be allowed to drop off and pick up passengers at Orlando International Airport (MCO). As a result of recent changes in legislative action and the City of Orlando ordinances, Uber and Lyft will be allowed to pick up at Orlando International Airport.

An agreement between the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and the TNCs signed Friday establishes operating guidelines for Uber and Lyft. It includes two designated pick-up locations along the second level curb outside bag claim area on both the A and B sides of the Main Terminal.

The agreement will provide technology to manage TNC activities and sets customer service rules the TNCs will have to abide by, including making sure their vehicles are clearly marked with a logo for passenger safety and convenience.

As part of the agreement, the TNCs will be assessed a user fee that is the same for all pre-arranged transportation services that operate at MCO. Currently there are over 1000 companies and nearly 4400 permitted vehicles offering ground transportation options at the airport. There is no fee for passenger drop-off. Taxi companies will resume operations on the second level bag claim on both sides of the terminal. Signage has been provided to direct passengers where to go.
*Please note, this in no way implies we recommend or endorse Uber or Lyft. Just popping it up here for informational purposes only.*