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Topic: When did the safes go?

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    Just did a quick search, and some of the well-established communities (Formosa Gardens, Indian Wells, etc) don't use security systems (at least, the villas I checked didn't). Some of the newer ones, such as those on Hwy 27) do. Now it's got me curious to know how many do and how many don't, and if it's community-wide or just individual homes within a community.

    Great question, NDGLB03!

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    Our recent villa at Cumbrian Lakes had a modern security system, which I had to activate each time I left the villa. Obviously it was our first rental for a number of years.
    I guess it depends on the owners.
    These were a little over the top to say the least it felt a bit like Big Brother was watching us.

    I do prefer a gated community though when other drivers follow you in with the gates open after you use the access code it does kinda defeat the object! Someone once did that and the gate crashed into their bonnet, serves them right.

    I believe Windsor Palms, which is somewhere I would like to stay next year as we never have, actually have 24x7 security guards at the gates.
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