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Topic: Park queue concessions for visitors with mobility/other medical problems

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    In relation to the DAS Universal does yes, though from our experience of last May it is slightly more relaxed than the Disney one.
    We just applied for one at Guest Relations inside the park and presented the pass for any attractions without needing a return time slot, we didn't use it too often as we didn't go on any of the more high profile coaster type rides, and as the queue's were short on
    other rides we were happy to wait our turn along with everyone else.

    They also have what they call an Express Pass
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    One tiny thought, if you have time before starting ‘the parks’ at Disney you can always use the guest services at Downtown Disney (just calling it that to annoy them ) / Disney Springs. This way it may me you can get certain things done earlier and not eat into the time JS mentioned when many things are quieter.
    Hope it all works well for you and your famil/friends.

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