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Topic: A Trip To St Augustine

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    Default A Trip To St Augustine

    Interested in a trip to St Augustine?

    We have the perfect blog for you in our latest contribution for ATD: https://www.attraction-tickets-direc...E4-Ue53GYgWcgE

    PS: We can heartily recommend the Distillery!

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    PS: We can heartily recommend the Distillery!

    No surprises there then!!!

    Seriously, great blog about a super place, which as you say is well worth the drive.

    Over the years we've done two day trips and last year we did a two night stay. We can highly recommend the Old Town Trolley as you can either do a full circuit of hop on/off or a mixture of both. If you buy a 2 day ticket the second day is quite a cheap addition. Besides all the sights the commentary from the tour drivers is quite interesting (I didn't know that Martin Luther King led a protest march in St Ag in the mid 60s).

    The little shops are also a pleasant diversion, mainly tourist fair, but nice none the less. We can also endorse the Bull & Crown Publick House for a meal and if you like coffee the shop next to the St George's Inn is worth calling in, especially as you can sit in the little courtyard and watch the world go by!

    Last year we did the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour (run by the OTT company) which was fun, albeit we didn't see any spirits, but the finale in the Old Jail was really good!
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