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Topic: Gameday in Tuscaloosa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superspur View Post
    Deb i know you probably won't be interested but i have been 3 times and would be going again next year except we'll only just be back from Florida and i couldn't get the time off but they have Navy V Notre Dame kicking off the football season at the end of August next year It is a cracking trip for a weekend in Dublin with the football on BUT College game day is going to be live from Dublin which makes it a double reason to go. I'd really love to go to this but i know i have zero chance of getting the weekend off after just having 3 weeks holiday in America.

    As i said i have had 3 of these weekends in Dublin for college games and with the fighting Irish on it is bound to be a brilliant weekend with the added bonus of College gameday.

    They have already arranged the 2021 teams as well which will be Illinois V Nebraska but again i can't make that one as i'll be traveling around America.
    We were talking about this when it was being advertised on GameDay Live recently and came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be the same if it weren't at one of the US campuses, so it's interesting to get your take on it.

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    They will possibly have it at Trinity college as it is where they had the pre game rallys in previous years that have been packed with fans. We went there a few years ago when Penn State were there and it was really busy and we estimated there were upwards of 30,000 that made the trip over from America but they seemed to be more the older people rather than the college students so the atmosphere at the Gameday would be very different i'd imagine. I would definately be going if it wasn't for the holiday next summer as i just can't get time off.

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