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Topic: The highest temperature ever recorded on earth ......

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    We actually stayed in Bishop after leaving Yosemite as we thought it was just too long a drive to do it in one go as we also wanted to visit a ghost town on the way. We had stocked up with cold bottle water in the car and had a full tank of petrol but made sure we knew where each stop was along the way to keep the car topped up. I remember after leaving Big Pine which was only a short way outside Bishop the temperature was starting to creep up quite quick, partly probably as the day was getting warmer and partly due to getting closer to Death Valley. By the time we passed through Big pine the temperature was already well over 100 and we started to see hardly any traffic. The roads were long and straight with not a sign of a car.

    We stopped off in an area pretty high up where you look down in to the start of Death Valley and it was a pretty amazing sight. It was here we were treated to a few of the US airforce preactising flying down in to the valley in F18s which was pretty stunning. They were so close you could see in to the cockpit

    Going down in to the valley and cossing through was also pretty amazing, scarey, but pretty amazing. By now it was up around 110 degrees and again we hardly saw any cars on the road. I stopped and took a few photos but what was also amazing was you could see for miles and every now and again the would be a little whirling sand thing as if a bit of wind had just picked up a bit of sand, almost like a baby tornado. The next few photos are as we drove in to the valley and across part of it.

    After we checked in at the Ranch we headed out to sightsee and it was here we hit the 117F mark, down at Badwater Basin which is 280 feet below Sea Level. In the rocks behind you there is a Sea Level sign up in the rocks. Looking ast Google maps there are obviously people who have walked out miles to take photos but we must have got less than 100 meters before we had to turn back, the heat was blistering at 117F. We had water with us but we had used the whole bottle in the time it took us to walk out 100 meters and walk back again.

    Next up was Zabriske Point and the beautiful mounds of sand with some strange colours thrown in. At least it was a little cooler here at around 112F

    Our final bit of sightseeing we wanted to do was the Devils Golf course. Not sure what we expected bit it was more like a lunar landscape than a golf course but sadly the temperature started to climb again and we didn't spend much time there.

    The Real golf course at the ranch in Furnace Creek. Not sure who wants to play golf in 117degrees heat

    We had a really lovely evening at The Ranch just relaxing in the pool and then sat outside our room with a rocking chair and a few cold beers. To be honest i was really glad we had made it as i was a little worried driving through with the heat but next day i knew we had more of it to come as we headed to Last Vegas. We left next morning and cossed the flats and then started to climb upwards on the road to vegas but there was one last viewpoint with absolutely stunning views. It is totally the opposite to Yellowstone but for me it equally had the Wow factor, simple breathtaking.

    There is just so much more to see and do and i really hope the trip next May goes ahead. It should be a lot cooler at between 80-90F which gives us more chance to get out and see things. It really is one of Amricas great sights but the the US has so many great sights
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    Wow those pictures are amazing, almost like an alien landscape. Hope you manage to get out again next May.

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    Ditto - just stunning landscapes. It reminds me (a little) of inside the Haleakala crater in Hawaii, which is also suitably dry and other-worldly. But this is on a very different scale.

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