The clever marketing folks at Visit Tampa Bay have come up with a lot of neat ideas in recent times, but this might just be the best of the lot - the "scent" of Tampa Bay....!


Visit Tampa Bay partners with Air Esscentials to launch Tampa Bay Sunrise, a scent that captures the destination?s spirit.

Tampa, FL (May 30, 2023).- Immerse your senses in the essence of Tampa Bay and feel a wave of relaxation with a splash of exhilaration. Continuing to innovate its brand and expand the destination's reach into its target markets, Visit Tampa Bay partners with Air Esscentials to launch Tampa Bay Sunrise, a signature scent that embraces all that is uniquely Tampa Bay.

After researching multiple motifs, potential ingredients and reviewing numerous scents, Tampa Bay Sunrise was selected for its sweet blend of afternoon tea, rose petals and sweet vanilla combined with subtle notes of golden sandlewood supported by creamy amber and a musk base note.

"The effect of scent and human behaviors is a well-attested reminder that experiential marketing can trigger memories, nostalgia and mental imagery. This new fragrance embraces all the elements that make up the rich history and culture of Tampa Bay," says Santiago C. Corrada, President and CEO of Visit Tampa Bay. "Our destination brings many unique groups of people together and it was important to find a scent that represents the inclusivity of the destination and one that will stay with visitors and remind them of their adventures in Tampa Bay."

The sense of smell affects about 75% of our daily emotions and plays an important role in memory, perceptions and emotions. Processed first by the limbic system, scent is a more primitive sense. From the smell of vanilla which triggers warm memories of nursing to Sandlewood which promotes calmness and lowers stress levels, all aspects of Tampa Gold pertain to reflect Tampa Bay. Visit Tampa Bay's signature scent creates a multi-sensory experience to enhance visitors' emotional connection and familiarity with Tampa Bay each time they visit a Visit Tampa Bay booth at conventions and events.

Air Esscentials, a family business with 17 years of experience, provides environmental scent delivery systems for retail, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare and residential clients to identify aromas that encapsulate their spirit and create an emotional response, elevate mood, stimulate recall and create desire.