I was browsing the ATD Home Page and noticed a red star that says Disney Hotels. ATD is now booking Disney hotels directly through their website!

I worked for several years booking Disney hotels myself and I know how tricky it can be if you don't know exactly what you're doing (or, frankly, if you dont have time to sit on Hold waiting to book!). Using the booking system, you bypass all the confusion and go straight to getting the room you want. It has the added benefit of allowing you to be more in control of your booking, cutting out all the back-and-forth delays when using a travel agent. YOu can even add your passes on to your booking (or not, as you see fit!).

Check it out! ( http://www.attraction-tickets-direct...els/index.html) You can get a free quote using the system and I noticed there is the usual ATD price match guarantee, so you're getting the best rate going!

Nice, hey? One stop shopping here at ATD!