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Topic: ATD is now booking Disney hotels!!

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    Default ATD is now booking Disney hotels!!

    I was browsing the ATD Home Page and noticed a red star that says Disney Hotels. ATD is now booking Disney hotels directly through their website!

    I worked for several years booking Disney hotels myself and I know how tricky it can be if you don't know exactly what you're doing (or, frankly, if you dont have time to sit on Hold waiting to book!). Using the booking system, you bypass all the confusion and go straight to getting the room you want. It has the added benefit of allowing you to be more in control of your booking, cutting out all the back-and-forth delays when using a travel agent. YOu can even add your passes on to your booking (or not, as you see fit!).

    Check it out! ( http://www.attraction-tickets-direct...els/index.html) You can get a free quote using the system and I noticed there is the usual ATD price match guarantee, so you're getting the best rate going!

    Nice, hey? One stop shopping here at ATD!

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    Talking Walt Disney World Resort hotels

    Hi Susan,

    Yes, we've just added Walt Disney World Resort hotels to the site which is a fabulous addition for us, plus we hope our clients will now choose to book their hotel with us as well as their tickets! As with the tickets, we've tried to ensure they're the best value around so anyone considering staying at a Disney property should ensure they shop around for prices. In fact, our Disney hotels are such good value that anyone considering off-site (non-Disney) Orlando hotels should still compare prices as we really do believe we have the best prices available.

    For those who haven't yet booked, some of the great added value you can get from staying at a Walt Disney World Hotel includes:
    * Free airport transfers (on Disney's Magical Express)
    * Free transportation to all of the WDW parks (by coach, monorail or even boat!)
    * Free additional magic hours (we think this is the best bit of all!). Every day of your stay, WDW opens one of their parks for between 1 and 3 hours extra (depending on the time of year) EXCLUSIVELY for WDW Resort guests. So you get to either go into the park earlier or stay much later than everyone else. How fab is that?!

    You can also pre-purchase Disney's Dining Plan which is excellent value for all the family. For more details see the relevant page on the site or call our knowledgeable staff. that you can book great value flights directly with the airlines, you can go ahead and book your hotels, car hire and attraction tickets with ATD.

    Happy Walt Disney World Resort Hotel shopping!


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    This is definitely a great step forward as more and more people, we believe, are travelling independently, and the more opportunities they have to book things themselves, the better. We also rate the Disney hotels very highly, and this looks to be a great fit for ATD

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    Default EXCITING Disney Dining Plan NEWS!!

    Just giving you all a heads-up on our brand new offer which will be on sale from TOMORROW (23rd August).

    If you're planning on travelling to Orlando next year between 10 Aug and 27 September you will be entitled to FREE Disney Dining for all the family, as long as you book a Disney on-site property and your Disney tickets with us. This means you get 2 MEALS and 1 SNACK A DAY...for FREE! On a 14 night holiday you're saving 868 for a family of four - amazing value.

    Check out the site tomorrow as more details will be available then (terms and conditions do apply and not all Disney hotels are participating in this offer). As you know, we don't book flights so we suggest you hold some flights through your preferred airline and then book the rest with Attraction Tickets Direct.

    For more details on the Disney Dining Plan check out http://www.attraction-tickets-direct...ning-plan.html

    Exciting stuff!


    P.S. ALSO watch out for our TV advertising campaign beginning next month on the Travel Channel and Sky Movies - you can send off for our FREE 10 minute planning DVD.

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    Just booked a 7 night package for next August including the free dining plan and 7 day premium ticket.
    I was just wondering about the park tickets that we receive.
    I far as I knew, to be eligible for the free dining plan you had to book accommodation, tickets and dining plan as one package. With this, the park tickets are added to your room card when you check in. This is what happens when you book through disney direct.
    My concern is that as we've booked through ATD and will be receiving our 7 day premium ticket seperatly, disney wont know that we have booked it as a package.
    The confirmation that we've received only shows acommodatioon and free dining plan. The tickets apparently come through on a seperate confirmation. Will disney question this when we check in?
    We don't want to arrive there only to be told that we are not eligible for the free dining plan, as the paperwork shows no tickets have been booked, when in fact at the time of booking they were part of the package.
    Why don't ATD use the same method as for package bookings?
    Any advice welcome.

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    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for your booking. Yes you're right, you do have to book both your Disney tickets and Disney Hotel with the same Company to benefit from the Free Dine offer.

    The reason we have to invoice these components separately is due to ABTA restrictions. Due to the fact we are not a travel agent, we have to invoice each component separately otherwise it is deemed as a package holiday.

    There are lots of Companies like us that fall into this category like Expedia, Easyjet, Ryanair etc

    Don't worry though, any customers who book all 3 elements with us will get their tickets, accommodation and dining as a voucher and as such, Disney will transfer all these elements to your room key when you check in.

    Hope this puts your mind at rest

    Have a great holiday

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    Thanks for the reply.
    We've just received two seperate confirmations today through the post.
    It makes more sense now that you have explained how it works.

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    We have booked our Disney hotel and theme park tickets with ATD so have also got the free dinig plan.

    Just reading the reply below about Disney loading hotel. ddp and tickets onto your room key, we are staying in a friends house for the first 7 days of our hols and then moving onto a Disney hotel.

    Will we get the theme park tickets seperate? as we intend to use the first week we are there staying offsite. Hence we purchased 14 day tickets.
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    Please can you call our reservation department and advise them of this and they can make a note in the booking that you will have to hve your tickets.

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