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Topic: whats your best tip?

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    Default How to Lose Your Luggage

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Orlando View Post
    The trouble with stickers - everyone seams to have them now - I have got a luggage strap - in bright orange !!

    I never miss it.

    ps Why do people mistake other people suit cases for there own, surly you know what your suitcase is like and can ID it on the carosal before it gets to you!
    The problem is that too many people have identical looking black suitcases. When people are travelling in a family group, the family member to whom the bag belongs may not be the one who is picking up the baggage (e.g. at a crowded baggage reclaim conveyor belt). Therefore, it is easy in the heat of the moment to assume a
    similar bag is the correct one. We have twice lost luggage from the cruise terminal after a Disney cruise, once at Port Canaveral and once in Barcelona. On both
    occasions it was a black medium sized suitcase and on the second it had a distinctive ribbon tied to the handle. Both times, we got the bag back at the airport but on
    the first occasion, it had been abandoned at lost luggage by whoever had taken it, without telling anyone. It was only by chance that I was able to locate it (at the
    airport, fretting about lost bag, nothing better to do than call in to the lost luggage office).

    On another occasion when a similar suitcase got lost in transit in the baggage twilight zone that is Heathrow Terminal 4 for several days, it proved difficult to locate
    because there were too many other lost black cases. It arrived at our hotel only hours before our cruise departed. Damn nearly ruined our holiday.

    We now travel with highly distinctive brightly coloured luggage.

    Maybe we have been unlucky but I think the original tip about making your luggage instantly identifiable as being yours and definitely not that of those who are not
    paying full attention is excellent.

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    Those were realy some great tips. Thanks to the contributors for the info.

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