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Topic: wetsuits

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    Question wetsuits

    i am really worried, i am going to discovery cove in december and worried about the wetsuit situation as i am a size 20 hope to be 18/16 by time i go, but concerned they won't have a wetsuit to fit, has anyone else who has been my size and did they have any problems with wetsuits?

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    My husband went a couple of weeks ago and wore a vest instead of a wetsuit. E-mail them at and ask about the sizes. They're very helpful. You'll have a great time!

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    Smile wet suit

    hi, i went 2 yrs ago and i was then a size 18, you dont have to wear a wet suit but must wear a vest at all times in the water. they have vests of all sizes and are not so bothered about size as us, you will find that in america there are people alot bigger than you. i never once felt concious of my weight on the whole holiday. the people at discovery cove are realy friendly and helpful. so go and enjoy your day and honestly, dont worry

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