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Topic: January Holiday Central

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    Default January Holiday Central

    Post your comments, tips, or experiences from your JANUARY Orlando holiday here!

    For instructions on how to post links to your full trip report, click here: INSTRUCTIONS for posting links and links with text.
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    Whilst January probably isn't the most obvious time to go, we've actually done so 3 times. Our first trip at this time of year came about in 2004 as January 7th marked by brother's 40th birthday. He had made up his mind that he wanted to be in New York for New Year's Eve and then move on somewhere else. His priorities were, (1) plenty of opportunities for golf, (2) lots of great places to eat, and (3) somewhere warm. After discussing all sorts of options, he suddenly said, "You know, we just need to go to Orlando - it ticks all the boxes and we know we like it". So we ended up flying from New York to Orlando on New Year's Day, 2004 where we spent a few days at the then new Ritz-Carlton at Grande Lakes before moving on for our first stay at Reunion (where a lifetime love affair began).

    In January, 2005, with no trip planned, we all commented that the post-Christmas period felt very flat without an Orlando trip to look forward to, so we booked to go again in 2006. We had a year off in 2007, but exactly the same thing happened and we booked again for January 2008. If history repeats itself, we'll soon be booking for January next year.


    Extremely low crowds (but if you're looking to avoid them altogether, you need to wait until after the weekend following New Year). We'd read that the first few days of the New Year would be crowded, but we've found that the entire first week of January is still surprisingly busy and then the crowds just vanish.

    What better way to beat the post-Christmas blues?

    You'd be unlucky to see rain.


    Whilst we've been extremely lucky with the weather, it tends to be changeable - we've had days in the 80s, followed by a cold snap, and then back to high temperatures. That means taking both "summer" and "winter" attire. Although we've never experienced it, some years see prolonged periods of very cold weather.

    No balmy evenings. This is a big compromise for us as, partly at least, they represent what Florida's all about.

    Shorter park hours. This isn't an issue for us as we're long-time annual passholders and tend to just dip in and out of the parks, but if you're looking to eke out full value from your tickets, it's a possibly a consideration. For me, the low crowds benefit far outweighs the reduction in hours.

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