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Topic: November Holiday Central

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    Default November Holiday Central

    Post your comments, tips, or experiences from your NOVEMBER Orlando holiday here!

    For instructions on how to post links to your full trip report, click here: INSTRUCTIONS
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    We went in November 2003 for 2 weeks - with Thanksgiving smack in the middle of the holiday.

    The first week was brilliant - no queues and the weather was wonderful. I think we had one day of rain the first week, and we used that as a shopping day.

    Then Thanksgiving arrived. It was great for shopping, as there were 2-day sales on everywhere. However, some of the US seems to go crazy, and we saw a news report of a woman being trampled at a big department store in the sales rush!! We watched TV in the pool bar for a while - mass gatherings with news people commentating and interviewing people. Then the sports began, so we switched off and went off to do something else.

    The second week of our holiday was the equivalent of half term in the UK. We went to MK one day - and even the fast passes were giving return times of 3-4 hours' time! It was absolutely heaving, too. Very unpleasant when you've got an autistic 9-year-old with you.

    And as soon as the Thanksgiving long weekend was over, all the Christmas deccies went up! Universal's main gate had a huge wreath on it!

    So, my advice is, if you are planning to go in November, make sure you hit the parks the week before Thanksgiving or you won't get to see anything.
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    As a quick PS on this, the week immediately after Thanksgiving is often one of the best in terms of low crowds and the advantage of the Christmas decorations, etc. The weather can be a little iffy at times (cool and showery), but the relative lack of queues usually makes up for that.

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    We're not long home - having been in Orlando for the last week of Oct and 1st week of Nov. It was great. The maximum time we had to queue for anything was 15 minutes - and that was for Big Thunder Mountain in MK for MNSSHP.

    The weather was fine - the first two days were wet and a little chilly, and unfortunately during our stay, Orlando recorded it's coldest "highs" for years!! Still, it was better to be freezing in orlando than at home! ;) We still had days by the pool / waterparks though.
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