If you would like to share the links to each day of your full trip report but aren't sure how, simply follow these instructions (for Windows; Mac users modify according to your system):

-Open the thread in which you have posted your trip report or the first day of your trip report.

-Highlight the URL (the long address in the address bar at the top of your screen, that starts with http://) by RIGHT CLICKING on it.

-A drop-down menu box will appear. Click on Copy in the menu box.

-Return to the main menu for Trip Reports, open the thread titled Month by Month Holiday Central (this thread!), then click on the link for the month you travelled.

-Click on Post Reply.

-When the blank text box appears, click on the link in the toolbar (where you see all the symbols, just above the blank text box where you type your replies) that looks like a blue earth with a chain link under it.

-(Some users will now need to remove the http:// already showing in the box that pops up). RIGHT CLICK on the empty text box that pops up, (or press the Ctrl button and the C button on your keyboard) then click on Paste in the drop-down menu that appears.

-Click Ok

-Repeat each step until all of your links are in the post for the month you travelled.

If you would like to post your links so that the name of your trip report shows instead of the address, do the following:

-Open the trip report you want to link to, then Right Click to highlight the url (address).
-Click on Copy
-Create a new post under the month you travelled
-Right Click in the text box and click Paste (or hit Ctrl+V) to add the link directly to the text box.
-When the link appears, type:

[ url =

(without the space in between each character!!) in front of the link.
-Type a closed bracket (it looks like this: ] ) at the end of the address.
-Type the name of your trip report after the closed bracket.

[ / url ]

(again, without the spaces between each character!!) at the end of your text.

And there you have it! You've posted a link with text showing!