16 Things You May Not Have Known About Back to the Future

16 Things You May Not Have Known About Back to the Future
Here at ATD, we love the Back to the Future films, but they could have been so very different if some of these things had or hadn’t happened…

Did you know...?

1. The idea for the films originally came when writer and producer Bob Gale visited his parents house and found his father’s high school yearbook and wondered whether he would have been friends with him.

2. Michael J Fox was not originally cast as Marty McFly, it was in fact an actor named Eric Stoltz. The producers filmed a number of scenes with Stoltz, before Fox stepped in, combining filming with his role in the popular sitcom, Family Ties when it was decided Stoltz was not suitable for the role.

3. The original idea for the time machine was for it to be a refrigerator, but this was changed to the DeLorean after fears kids would lock themselves in freezers in an attempt to time travel.




4. Huey Lewis, singer of The Power of Love, made an appearance in the first film as a judge at the battle of the bands. He told Marty’s band – The Pinheads – that they were too loud, as they played Lewis’ song in their audition.

5. The musical score for the films featured the biggest orchestra ever used for a film at the time.

6. Crispin Glover, who played the role of Marty’s father, George McFly, did not appear in the second and third movies due to a contract dispute, meaning the character was all but written out.

7. Back to the Future Part II saw a first ever film role for Elijah Wood

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers bass guitarist Flea also appears in the second movie



9. The second and third films were shot back to back to take advantage of Michael J Fox’s extended break from filming Family Ties.

10. The script was originally pitched to Disney, but they rejected it on the grounds that they felt uncomfortable with the incestuous nature of the relationship between Marty and his mother when he travels back to 1955 in the first film.

11. The head of Universal Pictures didn’t like the title and instead suggested it be called “Spaceman From Pluto”. Steven Spielberg got round this by sending him a memo thanking him for his “joke memo”.

12. The references to Ronald Reagan in the first film needed to be cleared with the White House to make sure no offence was caused to the then President.

13. Doc Brown is often seen hunching over when speaking to Marty, this was mainly due to a height difference between the two of almost nine inches!



14. Johnny Depp auditioned for the role of Marty.

15. Watch carefully in the first movie, Marty meets Doc at the Twin Pines Mall, then when he goes back in time to 1955 he runs over a pine tree. When he returns to the mall at the end of the film, it is called the Lone Pine Mall.

16. The soundtrack to the first film featured tracks by Eric Clapton, and Fleetwood Mac vocalist, Lindsey Buckingham.