21 Experts Reveal Their Top Tips for Travelling Europe in 2018 on a Budget

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Thinking about your next holiday already?

Do you want to see more of Europe but unsure where to start…

From Western Europe to Eastern Europe there is something which should be on everyone’s bucket list.

So we have decided to gather 21 travel bloggers and experts and ask them one question:

What is your top tip for travelling to Europe in 2018 on a budget.

Let me tell you, the insights I received from these 21 travel bloggers were nothing short of amazing.

I’ve listed all of them below.

Gemma Armit – www.twoscotsabroad.comTwitter Gemma Two Scots

My budget tip: choose your destinations wisely. There are a whole host of countries which are stunning, diverse and steeped in recent history which are ready to surprise you.

We recommend checking out the hipster city of Bucharest, or the city surrounded by mountains, Sarajevo.

If you like your towns green, visit the eco-friendly Ljubljana or your belly full, Budapest in Hungary.

Laurence Norah – www.findingtheuniverse.comTwitter Laurence & Jessica

My top tips would be to consider the major costs on your trip, and then work out how to cut these down.

They’re usually transport, accommodation, meals and attraction entry.

Look into options outside the normal – ridesharing, vacation rental and cooking for yourself, all of which can considerably reduce the cost of your adventure.

Don’t skip attractions, but do see if you can pick up something like a city pass to save money on entry.

Arianwen Morris – www.beyondblighty.comTwitter Arianwen Morris

If you’re travelling to Europe on a budget, it’s a really good idea to do some research beforehand on which countries are more affordable.

The Nordic countries, for example, might have spectacular scenery, but they’re almost prohibitively expensive.

Some of the countries in Eastern Europe, on the other hand, give Southeast Asia a run for its money.

If a country has a lot of tourism, it knows it can inflate its prices, so pick a less obvious destination.

I recently spent a long weekend in Timisoara in Romania and it ticked all the boxes – great weather, beautiful architecture, fascinating history and a selection of memorable activities, without the need to break the bank.

Failing that, pick a place that allows you to explore the great outdoors and be self-sufficient.

Plan a route and hike or bike it, camp instead of using hotels, and cook your own meals and you’d be surprised how far your money goes in even the most expensive places.

Victoria Brewood – www.pommietravels.comTwitter Victoria Brewood

2018 will be an interesting year due to Brexit as we don’t quite know what will happen with exchange rates and prices of flights or holidays.

My top tip for 2018 is to make each penny count and to avoid unnecessary bank charges abroad.

Many banks charge all sorts of fees per transaction and for withdrawing cash at ATMs, which is why I’ve started using Starling Bank when I’m abroad, as there are zero fees from them.

I would also take advantage of AirBnB to save money on accommodation, and sign up to the Jack’s Flight Club newsletter to get information about flight deals to Europe.

Heather Cowper – www.heatheronhertravels.comTwitter Heather Cowper

Travelling in the low season in Europe will save you money both on flights and accommodation costs but check the weather too and consider local holiday patterns.

Southern Europe still has good weather in Spring and Autumn – I’ve been in Athens in late February with blue skies and warm sunshine.

Similarly in Northern Europe inland cities often empty in high summer as the locals head to the coast.

For best prices you should also look at secondary cities and avoid the capital cities and tourist hotspots – go to Girona rather than Barcelona or Padua rather than Venice.

Megan & David – www.halfthisworldaway.comTwitter Half This World Away

Cheap ways to see a city are to take free walking tours and if you meet locals, they will generally show you the hidden gems! Lots of museums and places of interest have free admission days so check this in advance.

For cheap accommodation, Couchsurfing and Airbnb can be good alternatives to hostels. And when moving on to a new place, don’t be afraid to try hitchhiking or check out car pooling websites like Blabla cars.

Make plans but be flexible – don’t wait until the last minute to book something and end up paying double, but also take advantage of last minutes offers.

Instead of going to bars, get some beers from a local supermarket and drink in the local parks or town squares.

Also, look into the best times to go to different places. In the middle of summer, some places will hike their prices up and can be extra busy with tourists. Research is key!

Claire Hall – www.tinboxtraveller.co.ukTwitter Tin Box Traveller

With an unsteady pound, visiting Europe in 2018 is going to be all about finding hidden treasures.

Avoid the big coastal resorts and major cities, and head for off the beaten track destinations for a more authentic experience that will make your Euros stretch further.

Every attraction and  restaurant has their prices online these days; so do your research before you travel to find out how much sightseeing and eating out is going to cost you.

Set yourself a daily budget and save for it.

Matt Baron – www.travelgeekuk.comTwitter Matt Baron

Europe can be notoriously expensive but a few travel tricks can be a bank balance lifesaver! Here’s my top 3 tips;

1.     Choose an off-the-beaten track destination like Ukraine or Belarus and you can travel like a king for approximately £30 per day by opting for local transport, AirBnB for budget accommodation and shopping in supermarkets for breakfast/lunch and dinner

2.     Rather than taking cash, take a credit card that has no international fees. Believe me it will save you an absolute fortune!

3.     Although solo travel can be fun, groups can often get better deals by travelling together this will drastically reduce your costs, if for example you hire a car or stay in a hostel

Walkabout Wanderer – www.walkaboutwanderer.comTwitter Walkabout Wanderer

“Finding a car which I can sleep in comfortably has to be my biggest saver when travelling Europe. With hotels costing at least 50 Euros per night and rail travel being so expensive, travelling and sleeping in my Nissan X-Trail has saved me thousands.

I put the seats down in the back, add a blow up bed and carefully fitted some blinds make me feel very comfortable (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yoi-BGVjgVM). I travel with a gas stove and an electric cooler box meaning I can cook my own meals.

And to save even more, I Bla Bla Car (https://www.blablacar.co.uk/) out my spare seats when travelling long distances to cover fuel costs.”

Stuart Forster – www.go-eat-do.comTwitter Go Eat Do

Europe offers lots of great travel opportunities for people travelling on a budget. I always enjoy spending time in the Netherlands, which has lots to see and do beyond the famous museums and UNESCO World Heritage Site canals Amsterdam.

The long-awaited London to Amsterdam Eurostar service will be operating in 2018, meaning people can travel easily to the Netherlands by train. I recommend booking early to take advantage of discounted fares.

Hotels in central Amsterdam can be quite expensive, so I’d recommend staying in cities that are just a short hop on a train from the Dutch capital. Haarlem, for example, is a gorgeous city, 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam and accommodation is a fraction of the price.

Says award-winning travel writer Stuart Forster of Go Eat Do

Karen  (Mini Travellers) – www.minitravellers.co.ukTwitter Mini Travellers

My top tip would be to try Lisbon at February Half Term, weather is fantastic in the eighties , flights are cheap and you can get a flight from most airports, is a short hop and the food is amazing.

Emma Julia – www.adventuresofalondonkiwi.comTwitter Emma Julia

Over the 10 years that I’ve lived in the UK, experience has taught me a thing or two about exploring the beautiful cities of Europe. My top tips for travelling to and around Europe on a budget are:

First thing to do: Clear your cookies & go incognito in browsing.

Secondly: Book in advance wherever possible or very last minute.

Thirdly: Research, research, research – but not necessarily via a book that you have to lug around the place, but use Twitter keyword searches and the genius that is Pinterest. Seriously, it is an awesome catalog of travel specific information.

Mark Wyld – www.familytravel.comTwitter WyldfamilyTravel

My number one tip for travelling on a budget in Europe is to take advantage of the free city tours that are available.

The free city tours usually last anywhere up to 3 hours they tell you some amazing information and the guides are brilliant as they work on tips.

Its up to you weather you tip or not but if you through in a couple of Euros that’s money well spent for a 3 hour activity.

Always look for accommodation that is both close to a metro station so the cost of getting from the airport is cheap and close to a supermarket so you can buy eat in food. Airport transfers and eating out are real budget killers.

If you are prepared you make lunch and take with you to save on buying food while out exploring.

Jenni Sheldon – www.traveltorecovery.comTwitter Jenni Sheldon

Travelling out of season can save a lot of money.

I toured Portugal in February and although it was cold so not sun bathing weather, there were less queues and the prices of the accommodation were really good value.

Also as it was not the main holiday season even the flights to get there and the trains I used were really cheap. I got a totally different experience than when I had visited this country in the summer, just remember to pack a rain coat.

Lucy Ronan – www.farawaylucy.comTwitter Lucy Ronan

Choose your destinations wisely

It will surprise no one that a couple of nights in Barcelona is going to set you back a hell of a lot more than a couple of nights in Bratislava. Where you choose to visit on your interrailing adventure will pretty much make or break how much you spend.

I would recommend choosing places which are less popular with tourists and instead head to ‘up and coming’ destinations like Lichtenstein, Romania, Poland, Serbia and Bulgaria. In general, eastern Europe is cheapest and northern Europe is most expensive. Obviously, you can throw in a few pricier cities if you just can’t stay away from Paris but spending the bulk of your time in cheaper countries will save you a lot of money.

Similarly, avoiding peak season (aka July and August) will also go a long way. During peak season not only is everything more expensive but the cities are more crowded and all the locals are on holiday. Although the weather is generally better during these months, the amount of money you will save will make opting for slightly lower temperatures totally worth it.

Jenny Lowthrop – www.shegetsaround.co.ukTwitter Jenny Lowthrop

If you’re travelling the summer, take a tent with you, there are so many great campsites across Europe and it is so much cheaper than hotels and hostels.

If you have a sleeping bag its easier to couchsurf or stay with friends too (just in case the weather turns bad!). If you’re really daring you could even do a spot of wildcamping, I would love to do a really long walk across Europe.

So many adventures await!

Katie Williams – www.travelingspud.comTwitter Traveling Spud

Tip 1:
Use public transportation
Public transportation in Europe is actually pretty amazing compared to other countries.

I use the sites ‘Rome2Rio’ and ‘GoEuro’ to figure out how to get from country to country or city to city in each country.

Taking public transportation over taxis or renting a car has saved me thousands of dollars while traveling in Europe for 4+ months!

Tip 2:
Stay in a hostel and cook for yourself
Staying in a hostel is hands down the best way to save money traveling in Europe. Sometimes you’ll even be able to find hostels that are nicer than a hotel, but a quarter of the price.

Most hostels also have discounted tours and activities compared to the marked up prices at hotels. Hostels also have kitchens so you can cook for yourself for some of the meals during your stay.

This saves a ton of money if you don’t go out to eat for every single meal.

Fran Atkins – www.getjaunty.comTwitter Fran Atkins

If you’re on a budget you can still see a lot of Europe in 2018 and really, when you’re on a budget it’s all about advanced planning.
Start with putting together a list of all of your ‘must visit’ destinations and plot a train route between them; trains are generally cheaper than planes and you can get Europe wide (interrail) or country wide tickets so your expenses en route are less complicated to work out.

Once you have your locations, read blogs for cheap eat guides and check the currency exchange rate to get your money at the best value time before you go.

Where possible, stay in hostels to cut accommodation costs and find free activities like walking tours to really explore where you are.

When all this comes together you can see Europe really affordably. I would also add that if you can, take some of your savings and treat yourself to that one dream scenario, whatever that is – a boat ride on the Seine, an afternoon tea at a palace – as you’re travelling for a variety of experiences and won’t want to miss out on everything that costs.

Budget Your Trip – www.budgetyourtrip.comTwitter Budget Your Trip

To save money on your trip to Europe, here are a few tips.

First, use public transportation instead of hiring drivers or taking tour buses.

Public transportation in most European cities is comfortable, affordable, and efficient.

Second, stay at budget hotels or hostels to save money on your accommodation expenses. You probably won’t be spending all that much time in your hotel room anyway.

And finally, you can cut down on your food budget by eating street food or at small, family-run restaurants as much as possible.

The food at these places is just as good, and much less expensive.

Rohan Cahill-Fleury – www.travelsofabookpacker.comFacebook Travels of a Bookpacker

My top tips for travelling Europe on a budget are:

Buy picnics and eat outdoors.

Thinking about your next holiday already?

Do you want to see more of Europe but unsure where to start…

From Western Europe to Eastern Europe there is something which should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Janice – www.solotravelerworld.comTwitter Janice & Tracey

My top tip for people traveling to Europe on a budget is to see whether your destination city has a local Greeter programme.

This service offers free, one-on-one tours with local volunteers.

You can check at the Global Greeters website. http://globalgreeternetwork.info


HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to this mammoth post!

Please share if you think it was useful!

If you could provide one tip for travelling to Europe on a budget what would it be?

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