24 Hours of Fun at Disney's Leap Day Party!

24 Hours of Fun at Disney's Leap Day Party!
The celebrations aren’t quite over at Disney just yet...
Christmas is over, New Years Eve has been played out and now...well, it’s a Leap Year! To honour this elusive day and keep the festivity alive, Disney is celebrating 2012’s approaching Leap Day, 29th February.

Following from our last post about the speculation of an extra day of magic  with Disney - we are delighted at Attraction Tickets Direct to comfirm the news!

For the first time ever in all of Disney history, both Disneyland California and Disney World Florida’s Magic Kingdom parks will open to the public for the entire day. Yes, the entire day! That’s 24 hours of Disney fun. All twenty four hours back to back! From 6 am 29th February till 6 am 1st March. Never have park goers had the opportunity to create so many magical memories in one park admission!

If you happen to be holidaying in the Sunshine state or Sunny California over this period and you’ve already purchased one of our magnificent Disney tickets, you are most certainly in for a treat. For those of you still figuring out how to combat those Christmas blues, a holiday is the only way! So why not remedy the despair with a Leap Day party at the Magic Kingdom of your choice and go down Disney history.

Time is of the essence, so book quickly!