6 of the Biggest Thrills at PortAventura’s Theme Parks

6 of the Biggest Thrills at PortAventura’s Theme Parks
Add a little thrill to your Barcelona holiday...
With some of the biggest best rides in Europe, PortAventura's biggest thrill rides might surprise you!

1) Hurakan Condor



Rising 100m into the air, Hurakan Condor is definitely one of the most eye-catching rides at the PortAventura park and is reserved for only the biggest thrill seekers (and guests over 1.4m of course)! Guests are slowly raised into the air before being plummeted back to earth at speeds of nearly 72mph in a terrifying freefall. You’ll find it in the Mexican area of the PortAventura park, where you definitely won’t miss it!

2) Shambhala



If you’re a rollercoaster fanatic, don’t miss Shambhala at the PortAventura Park, an incredible high-speed coaster which promises plenty of ups, downs and everything in between! The ride currently holds the record for the longest drop of any roller coaster in Europe (although it will soon lose its crown when Vertical Accelerator opens at PortAventura this year) at a whopping 78 metres high and reaches a total height of 112m at its peak. If that’s not enough for you, the drop falls at a speed of 83mph and passes through a tunnel for an added thrill…are you brave enough?

3) King Khajuna


King Khajuna


Over at PortAventura’s Caribe Aquatic Park, there’s one thrill ride that will make you dizzy just looking up at it. The King Khajuna drop slide, with a dizzying 55-degree descent is the star attraction of the water park and, if you’re brave enough to go in it, you’ll soon see why. The free-fall itself is a whopping 31 metres and, as you slide down, you’ll cover 6 metres a second, making the full drop a 5 second heart-in-mouth experience.

4) Furius Baco


Furius Baco


Europe’s fastest roller coaster, Furius Baco, is an epic rollercoaster which flings you round the PortAventura park at speeds of 83.9mph (that .9 is very important). Not only do you get to experience super speeds on this ride, you’ll also get a floorless sensation on this ‘wing rider’ style rollercoaster, where the ride seats protrude from the sides of the grape barrels that carry riders around the track. If you’re not a fan of big drops but you’re a speed junkie and you love the feeling of the wind in your hair, this is the perfect ride for you.

5) El Tifón


El Tifon


The El Tifón waterslide offers 2 dizzying descents to the bottom from its position 15 metres in the air – you have to try them both to say you’ve truly conquered El Tifón. When you drop down into the slide, you’re in for a turbulent, exciting descent to the bottom so make sure you let go and let the typhoon take you…there’s no fighting it! Will you be brave enough to go up for the second descent?

6) Vertical Accelerator


Vertical Accelerator Ferrari Land


Even though Ferrari Land at PortAventura World isn’t opening until April, we couldn’t write a post about thrill rides at PortAventura without including the epic new Vertical Accelerator. Each of the carriages are going to look like real F1 cars and carry you 112 metres into the air, accelerating just like an F1 car from 0 to 111.8mph in just 5 seconds. Will you be brave enough to try it when it opens in April? 

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