7 Stunning Tips for Pet-Friendly Travel Accommodations

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You think you and your pet are stuck in a rut?

You both need a break?

It’s the right time for you and your pet to pack your bags and get a trip!

Travelling is as good for pets as it is for us. Many pet parents love their pets to be accompanied along with them wherever they go. When your pet is a source of joy at home, why not take him to a trip to double the fun?

But carrying a pet for travelling tour is not an easy job. It requires efforts and planning at the end of a pet owner to make sure the voyage is a fun, not a burden.

While carrying your little buddy to a voyage, it is your responsibility to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet as you do at home. Not all places are safe and sometimes permissible to bring the pets.

The biggest challenge while travelling with a pet is finding an appropriate accommodation that is pet-friendly too. Some hotels or vacation rentals welcome the pets while others don’t.

If you are unable to figure out a pet-friendly travel accommodation, let’s guide you through the task. The tips we’re going to share below, will make your travelling experience with your fluffy and hairy pet the most memorable one.

  1. Plan out the Itinerary

You may afford to enjoy an unplanned tour but your pet can’t. Planning out the entire trip helps you identify the pet-friendly places, accommodation and activities to keep your pet happy and engaged.

You are planning to fly or travel on road, you need to identify whether the mode of transportation is safe and comfortable to the pet or not. Some airlines are not welcoming to the pets. Sometimes long constant travelling causes pets to feel tired and sick.

Consideration of these factors will help you plan everything accordingly and make the most of your trip. If you travelling by air, try to book a flight that goes direct to the destination. This saves time and keeps the pet from feeling tired.

While going by road, try to stop and take some rest. This will help you and your pet to refresh and inhale some fresh air.

  1. Choose a Pet-Friendly Accommodation

The same desire goes for your pets too.

Thanks to pet friendly vacation rentals and cabins that offer great amenities to let your pet enjoy and refresh.

It is better to do some research regarding the availability of the hotels or vacation rentals in the area where you are planning to pay a visit. Such accommodations offer indoor activities as well as food to your pets.

Not just activities inside the hotel or cabin, but also try to look for an accommodation that is surrounded with a lot of attraction to your pet. A nearby hiking trail, some open space to run and explore and a place with pet-friendly festivals are good options to consider.

  1. Designated Pet Waste Area

It is important for you to know how your chosen accommodation offers toilet services for your pets. Inquire the front desk personnel or the support staff about the designated pet bathroom services.

It is your responsibility to respect the hotel rules and keep it clean when in your use. So using the pet bathroom will be a great help. Also, it is advisable to carry poop bags when travelling with pets.

  1. Pack up Appropriately

While packing your bags for a trip, you need to be careful about packing some appropriate stuff for your fluffy travel partner. Don’t forget to pack your pet’s bowl, bed and favorite toys.

Some pets are so used to have their food in their own bowls, that a new food plate may not look attractive to them. Also, a new place may cause some anxiety and disturbance for your pet. In order to avoid such problems, it is better to carry along with your pet favorite stuff. This will help them stay happy and let you free of any trouble.

  1. Don’t Leave Your Pet Alone

Though the pet-friendly travel accommodations are safe for pets, but still it is advisable not to leave them alone in a room.

This is extremely important to avoid pet’s anxiety while being alone in a new place. If you have to visit a place during your trip that doesn’t allow bringing your pets along, make sure your pet is at ease wherever you leave him.

If the hotel or cabin accommodation doesn’t allow for leaving pets alone, ask them for any alternate arrangements. In such scenarios, hotels offer separate kennels or a nearby place with appropriate small animal cabins. Such kennels or cabins can be rented for few hours where your pet will stay comfortably.

  1. Respect the Property Rules

The vacation rentals and hotels try to serve their customers at their best. For this purpose, they set certain rules regarding the use of furniture, space and other such stuff to ensure comfort for all their guests.

Respecting and following these rules will help you and your pet enjoys your stay at any such accommodation. Such rules include restricting a pet from sitting on furniture, bringing pets to a dining area, avoiding pets to be left alone.

While you are checking in to any such accommodation, try to be familiar with all such rules and follow them as well.

  1. Ensure Cleanliness

Some hotels do not allow pets to be accompanied with because of the ticks and fleas that produce a bad odor.

If you luckily get a pet-friendly travel accommodation, it is better to respect them in all the ways possible. Ensuring cleanliness in the travel accommodation is one such way.

Before leaving for your trip, make it sure that your pet is free from ticks and fleas. Get all the pet treatments done before planning any such travelling tour.

Also, make sure that your pet is properly and timely vaccinated. Don’t make your pet a carrier of germs for diseases to others.

The vacation rental or hotel management should not be spoiled with unpleasant odor any kind of germs. Taking care of pets’ cleanliness and health will ensure not only your pet’s health during trip but also will keep the hotel and its guests unaffected.


Like humans, our pets also need some positive change and enjoyment. And travelling is the best way to offer such a healthy change to pets.

Travelling with pets is not all about fun but a responsibility on the shoulders of pet owners. This responsibility is towards the pet as well as the accommodation which welcomes your pets warmly. This article has shared some stunning tips to ensure a safe and joyful travelling experience along with pets.

Author Bio:

Kevin Young is a professional travel guide, who resides in Ellijay, Georgia. He regularly visits and reviews the cabins and resorts in his hometown and enjoys writing informative blog posts in his spare time.

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