8 Things to Do in Hawaii for an Amazing Holiday

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Hawaii is among the world’s most popular holiday destinations attracting millions of tourists each year.

The small archipelago caters to all types of holidaymakers from luxury travellers to surfers.

Dozens of maui beachfront rentals provide the highest quality of accommodation with convenient access to both the beach and restaurants.

If this is your first time to the Pacific paradise, check out these must-do things in Hawaii.

Hit the beaches

Nothing quite conjures up images of a tropical wonderland than palm-tree fringed beaches and soft white sand. Hawaii has some of the best shorelines in the United States. Combine this with the ever-present sun and warm weather, and you have the perfect place to spend a relaxing two-week vacation.

Some beaches cater mostly towards surfers while others have secluded coves. It’s never difficult to find somewhere to relax.

And after a day on the beach, spend your evenings winding away the hours in the beachfront seafood restaurants and bars. Waikiki Beach is the local’s favourite which is a prime spot to watch the spectacular sunset.

Embrace the surfing culture

Ask anyone to name three things about Hawaii and most will say sun, surf and beaches. But did you know that surfing was invented on the islands?

This creates a thriving environment filled with surfing enthusiasts. If you’re already a surfer, anticipate huge waves crashing along the coasts. Newbies can learn the skills in one of the dozens of beachside surfing schools. The best spots are around Waikiki.

Experienced surfers usually head towards the towering waves on the northern coast. The beginners stick to the areas near Waikiki Beach. Be aware of the dangers.

Take measures to protect yourself. The rough water can throw surfers around and broken bones isn’t an uncommon injury.

And after a day on the waves, head down to the beachside bars and chat with the locals over a cold beer

Take part in water sports

Apart from surfing, Hawaii offers countless other opportunities to get out onto the water.

Many sunbathers along the sandy beaches often head into the warm waters for a quick dip.

Snorkelers can visit the crystal clear waters surrounding Oahu. Boats ferry PADI-certified scubas to dozens of almost secret diving spots. If you’re not certified, you can sign up for a multiday diving course when you arrive.

Other water activities range from spear fishing to swimming with sharks. Whatever your interests, Hawaii promises to offer an unmatched experience out on the water.

Take a helicopter ride over Hawaii

Certain tour companies in Hawaii have helicopter rides that fly high above the islands giving incredible views of the Pacific Ocean below.

The pilot will also show you a few tricks and stunts in the air if you’re brave enough. Highlights of this type of trip include capturing some of the best photos of Hawaii.

Other excursions will take adventurous tourists above Mount Kilauea. The active volcano on Big Island regularly spews molten lava from its top.

The helicopter flies a few hundred meters above giving views of what it looks like on the inside.

Few tours offer this experience and it’s a must on any trip to Hawaii. Just remember to book the trip at least a week or two in advance to secure your spot.

Dirt biking up and down the mountains

Most visitors imagine Hawaii to be a beach-lovers paradise. But adrenaline-junkie travellers can find several opportunities for adventure sports.

One such activity is dirt biking along mountain trails. Paths lead up the changing mountain terrain to a handful of viewing platforms and vantage points. Dirt bikes offer a fun and exciting way to reach the top. However, this can be dangerous for people without experience on a motorbike.

Make sure you know what you’re doing before signing up to a trip. Search online and you’ll find plenty of tours offering this activity throughout Hawaii.

Or rent a bike and head out along the trails solo.

Test your endurance with extreme hiking

If you want to explore the countryside, it’s possible to follow a handful of easy trails.

Those looking for a more challenging experience, on the other hand, can look into the multi-day treks. Diamond Head Crater, near Waikiki Beach, follows a steep path to its summit. Most hikers take on average two days to complete this mini-expedition.

Other more strenuous climbs involve following the Kalalau Trail which covers five valleys.

This trail passes over precarious cliffs and narrow ledges for almost 40 kilometres. But finishing and admiring the views at the end is the most satisfying feeling in the world.

You’ll find trails in Hawaii to suit your interests and requirements.

Visit Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium

Both Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium promise a day of family-friendly fun. The first has several types of wildlife including giraffes, lions and a few rhinos.

Spend the day strolling through the enclosures to see familiar creatures as well as those endemic to the islands.

The Waikiki Aquarium has hundreds of types of fish ranging from sharks to jellyfish. Tourists travelling with young children can visit both on the same day.

The best things to do in Hawaii

Hawaii offers the full tourist package. Endless stretches of coastline create a tropical paradise while huge waves create the perfect surfing conditions.

Adrenaline junkies can take a helicopter ride over an active volcano or ride dirt bikes up steep mountains.

Others take the chance to hike in the jungle or complete gruelling two-day expeditions.

Whatever your interest, Hawaii promises to be a dream holiday destination. Click here to browse all of our Hawaii products.

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