American Soldier Stan Reunites with his Fiance at Disney World

American Soldier Stan Reunites with his Fiance at Disney World
Disney Cast Members facilitate a magical romance....
American soldier Stan Evavold and Disney World proves there’s no such thing as too much romance, just a lack of imagination...

American soldier Stan Evavold, a Drone pilot, was recently informed that his latest tour of duty in Afghanistan would come to an end sooner than he had expected, leaving him free to return home to his fiancé Lindley Key. However, Stan took this opportunity as a chance to surprise Lindley with an unexpected reunion.

He decided he wanted to reunite with his fiancé at Walt Disney World, claiming that the magical park was Lindley’s ‘happiest place on earth.’ Stan planned his surprise return around plans that an unsuspecting Lindley had made with his parents to visit Disney World, completely oblivious to the surprise her husband-to-be had in store for her.  Stan and the Disney cast members worked together to make the magical reunion a typically perfect Disney affair, overwhelmed with emotion and inexplicable happiness.

This wonderfully romantic tale will no doubt inspire the many love birds amongst us to make proposals, renew wedding vows or even marry on the blissful Disney grounds. Disney tickets truly brings the romance closer.