Angelina Jolie is Disney’s Maleficient!

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Angelina Jolie is Disney’s Maleficient!
Make up turns stunning Angelina Jolie into Sleeping Beauty’s evil sorceress, Maleficient!
Photos have been released revealing actress Angelina Jolie in her full make up for her latest acting role as Maleficient, the evil sorceress from Disney’s animated classic Sleeping Beauty!

It seems to be the trend in Hollywood at the moment to adapt and remake animated Disney classics into films with a slightly more adult appeal. You may have got wind of award winning actress Angelina Jolie playing Maleficient in the film of the same name, inspired by the Disney animated classic Sleeping Beauty.

The new Walt Disney Studios movie Maleficient tells the tale of Sleeping Beauty, however, unlike the 1959 classic that allows us to see the story from Princess Aurora’s perspective, we witness the tale through the poisonous eyes of Maleficient!
We're so looking forward to seeing this film on the big screen and have no doubt that Angelina's performance will be stellar. Unfortunately, Maleficient isn't due to be released till 2014. However, till then, we're pretty sure that Walt Disney Studios will find a fun and creative way to incorporate the Disney parks into the film's promotion, using the park grounds as a means to generate awareness amongst those with Disney tickets to enjoy.
Keep checking back at ATD's Latest News Page for any Maleficient updates.
If you are headed to Orlando for your holiday, be sure to get your Disney tickets and head to the Magic Kingdom to meet Princess Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
Disney World , Disney Films

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