ATD Facilitates Healthy Water Supply in Zambia

ATD Facilitates Healthy Water Supply in Zambia
A Zambian School has Clean Water and a Brighter Future
ATD Travel Services (holding company of Attraction Tickets Direct) are proud to announce that their joint venture with water aid charity Just a Drop has provided a poorly sanitised Zambian school and the surrounding community with safe and healthy water provisions.

Attraction Tickets Direct is delighted to share with you the success of their first year of a three year partnership with water aid charity Just a Drop, a joint venture set to relieve the stresses of Zambian primary school, Mulwazi Basic School and the surrounding community. Just a Drop is a registered charity who seek to reduce the rate of child mortality by facilitating sanitised and healthy water solutions to some of the world's most poverty stricken regions. The charity works closely with the travel industry, raising the funds to employ reputable water installation companies to aid desperate communities. In 2010 ATD Travel Services formed a partnership with Just a Drop that would not only enhance the learning environment of a government run Zambian school, but would change the lives of young people and the surrounding community for the forseeable future.                                                        

In 2010 ATD Travel Services and Just a Drop came together to embark on a project that would create a healthier and happier learning environment and community by installing long term water solutions on the school grounds of Mulwazi. After completing a needs assessment, Just a Drop concluded that a hand pump and a borehole were required to alleviate many of Mulwazi Basic School's complications. ATD Travel Services contributed funds that would aid Just a Drop to afford African Revival, a local and reputable drilling company, to install the necessary water provisions. Within the short space of a year African Revival have managed to install the hand pump and a borehole. Both facilities are now successfully producing clean water, suitable for drinking and washing hands. ATD Travel Services have already received reports that pupils' attendance rates have risen since the provisions have been in place and a more productive atmosphere has been noted amongst pupils and teachers. 

Prior to the ATD Just a Drop joint venture Mulwazi Basic School, located in the destitute region of Zambia, had been facing an ongoing battle to provide its staff and pupils with a permanent supply of healthy water. The closest water pump was situated over five kilometres away and was to be shared with an entire community. This was the only facility available for the teachers and the proposed four hundred Mulwazi pupils to wash their hands and drink water throughout the day. The future of Mulwazi school was hanging in the balance. The sheer distance of the hand pump in relation to the school caused pupils' attendance to drop and the school struggle to retain teaching staff. Those that did attend were schooled in a poorly sanitised environment and ran the risk of falling ill.  This is not uncommon in Zambia, where only 45% of the population living in the rural centres and the urban fringes of the country have access to safe drinking water. 

ATD are extremely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a meaningful cause and are delighted with the results of the project so far. "Just a drop is such a relevant charity for the travel industry and we are grateful to give something back to the communities and countries which host tourists from the UK and beyond," says Oliver Brendon, founder of ATD Travel Services. Attraction Tickets Direct hope that the developments in Mulwazi Basic School and the Kaloma district continue to be as positive and productive as they have been so far. To read more about the ATD Just a Drop project click here

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