ATD Honours the Animals in Show-Biz

ATD Honours the Animals in Show-Biz
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On the 14th February new Golden Collar Awards recognised the performance of dogs on screen, so ATD would like to honour all animals, dogs and all, that have wowed us with their talents.

Very few holidaymakers venture to Orlando without spending a day or two at SeaWorld. In fact, an Orlando holiday isn’t complete without SeaWorld tickets, just as it wouldn’t be complete without Disney or Universal tickets. However, SeaWorld distinguishes itself from the likes of Disney World and Universal Orlando with its exquisite animal performances. No other theme park taking residence in the theme park capital of the world makes animals the main attraction quite like SeaWorld does. 

Many of the films that are currently dominating the award season this year feature some hard working and talented animals, such as The Artist, Hugo and Dolphin Tale.  The reason these films are generating such fascination is the very reason we love SeaWorld. We love to see an animal’s intelligence and talent showcased. World class SeaWorld shows like One Ocean, Shamu Rocks, Blue Horizon and Pets Ahoy allow the animals to truly shine and take centre stage, whilst winning our affection.

A dog’s talent is regularly relied upon for performances and productions and has now been recognised with the first ever award ceremony, titled the Golden Collar Awards, dedicated entirely to canines. The creation of the award ceremony was inspired by the miraculous performance from the Jack Russel who played Uggie in the film The Artist, who  won the Golden Collar for the Best Dog in a Theatrical Film just yesterday.

However, those of us that have experienced the thrilling SeaWorld shows will know that killer whales, dolphins and Sea Lions can make just as thrilling a performance as the canines can. So,  we would like to take the time to honour all of the animals, not just dogs, that have graced us with their presence on screen.

1. Hooch (Dog)

2. Marley and Me (Dog)

3. Dr Dolittle (Various)

4. Dolphin Tale (Dolphin)

5. Free Willy (Killer Whale)

6. Babe (Pig)

7. Black Beauty (Horse)

8. War Horse (Horse)

9. Cats and Dogs (Cats and Dogs)

10. Big Miracle (Whales)                      

But if you want to check out some live animal performances, get your SeaWorld tickets and watch our favourite SeaWorld shows, One Ocean and Blue Horizons.