The Avengers Assemble - Again!

The Avengers Assemble - Again! , The Avengers Assemble - Again! , The Avengers Assemble - Again!
The Avengers Assemble - Again!
The Avengers Assemble does Walt Disney Studios proud!
The Avengers Assemble movie has proven to be a huge success for Walt Disney Studios, inspiring the creation of new Marvel themed attractions at Disney Parks and a second Avengers film!


It is pretty hard to avoid the hype that is surrounding the Avengers Assemble film, distributed by the Walt Disney Company. If you’re yet to see the film yourself, inevitably you will know someone that has. Disney can confirm that the film’s opening weekend was immensely successful, in fact so successful that female Iron Man fans will be able to indulge in Robert Downey Junior’s faultless Tony Stark performance some more in the second Avengers film. Yes! You read correctly...Walt Disney Studios are working on Avengers 2!
Not only has the success of the Avengers film called for a sequel, but has enthused urgency in the Disney Imagineers designing of Marvel inspired attractions that can be experienced with Disney tickets at the Disney Parks! Of course those of you that regularly purchase your theme park tickets are familiar with experiencing the Marvel heroes at Universal Orlando, with rides like The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man, Doctor Dooms Fearfall and The Incredible Hulk Coaster. 
However, with Robert Downey Junior dominating our screens with his Iron Man instalments, a third Iron Man due to be released in May 2013, we are hoping that Disney tickets will soon grant one of the Disney parks with a Tony Stark - Iron Man themed attraction. We are so ready for an Avengers attraction at Disney World! Till then, we’ll keep you posted with any Marvel developments.
For those of you headed to Disney World any time soon, you’ll be able to get your Avengers fix aboard an Avengers themed monorail at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Avengers Assemble Trailer!

The Avengers Assemble - Again! , The Avengers Assemble - Again! , The Avengers Assemble - Again!

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