Baby Giraffe Born at Busch Gardens

Baby Giraffe Born at Busch Gardens
On the 27th January Busch Gardens welcomed a new baby giraffe to the Busch Gardens family
A new born giraffe joined the Busch Gardens family of giraffes on the 27th January, becoming the 19th member of the theme park's giraffe herd...

On the 27th January the zoological park was pleased to announce that yet another baby giraffe joins the Busch Garden’s herd of giraffes to mother Cupid and father Jafari. It was exactly a month ago that we informed you of the birth of Jafari’s first calf. Jafari is now the father of two at Busch Gardens and Cupid a mother of five. 

The new addition to the Busch Gardens family is a female, currently being monitored by the park’s animal experts alongside her mother, to ensure healthy nursing and growth. Although her name is yet to be revealed, we can confirm that she weighs 176 pounds and is 6ft 2”. The mother and baby will join the rest of the gang at Busch Gardens’ Serengeti plains in three months. 
Those of us lucky enough to have put our Orlando tickets to good use and taken a visit to Tampa’s Busch Gardens are likely to have journeyed through the Serengeti Plains and witnessed the magnificent giraffes aboard the Serengeti express. Indeed, the giraffes are the stars of this show, leaning into the open top jeeps to be stroked and even kissed!
Busch Gardens now makes home to nineteen giraffes, in addition to all the other wonderful animals you’d expect to see in an African jungle.
If you want to meet the Busch Gardens giraffes, get your Busch Gardens tickets and hop on board the Serengeti Express!