Bad Guys Anon – A New Wreck it Ralph Clip!

Disney World , Disney Films , Wreck it Ralph
Bad Guys Anon – A New Wreck it Ralph Clip!
See what happens at a Bad Guys Anonymous meeting in Wreck it Ralph!
Walt Disney Animation Studios releases another sneaky clip from the video game inspired movie Wreck it Ralph, giving the world a peek into a Bad Guys Anononymous meeting...Its where bad guys go to deal with being BAD!

Indeed it’s Wreck it Ralph fever in the world of animated film! And for those of you with Disney tickets that managed to secure a place at the Wreck it Ralph Game Day Meet Up and video gamers of the Super Nintendo / SEGA Megadrive era alike will most certainly be relishing in all the video game excitement! 

Yesterday we posted a Wreck it Ralph cameo list of all the video game characters that make appearances in the Wreck it Ralph movie and asked you to have a little fun and see how many of the characters you might remember. Now that Walt Disney Animation Studios has released this Bad Guys Anon clip it might help you a little better to put some names from yesterday’s list to some of the faces in the clip. 
Check back on ATD’s Latest News tomorrow to see how well you’ve done with character spotting! 
Remember, if you’ve purchased your Disney tickets and are headed out to Orlando in the next few weeks, Ralph and Vanellope will be hanging out at Hollywood Studios for character meet and greets sometime in November!

Bad Guys Anonymous Clip - Wreck it Ralph



Nintendo gamers may remember this merciless dictator M.Bison, from Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo!

Disney World , Disney Films , Wreck it Ralph

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