Barack Obama Comes to Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Barack Obama Comes to Disney World's Magic Kingdom
On the 19th January President Barack Obama will address the crowds of Disney World's Magic Kingdom
President Barack Obama will swap Washington’s White House for the shimmering iconic white Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World tomorrow.

The president is heading to Walt Disney World Orlando to deliver a speech that will unveil a new tourism policy for the US. President Obama’s announcement will discuss the value of tourism in America and we can’t think of a better place to present such a speech than Walt Disney World, a theme park that attracts in excess of 45 million global tourists a year.

In preparation for President Barack Obama’s arrival to Magic Kingdom, Disney World is readying itself for the heavy security that will surround the theme park’s most popular park. The park has implemented a number of actions to divert those with Disney tickets away from the Magic Kingdom park. Extra magic hours at the Magic Kingdom, privileged to those with Disney tickets staying in the Disney hotels will be cancelled for guests. However, additional entertainment and extended hours will be implemented at the remaining three Disney parks, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios to facilitate Disney ticket holders visiting the park tomorrow.

Those with Disney tickets are most certainly in for a magical and stately treat tomorrow!